“How do I structure my groom speech?”

At Great Speech Writing HQ we receive questions about wedding speeches every day of the week. Some crop up more regularly than others.  And at the very top of the ‘most asked’ list is the one about groom speech structure. It’s easy to understand why. The groom has a huge number of boxes to tick. Thanking […]

re: Some tips for your groom speech Darling

A wonderful email sent from a thoughtful bride to her fiancé, suggesting just what he should and shouldn’t say in his groom speech on the big day.  Thanks for forwarding HP. Snugglepuss, I know you said not to worry, but I’ve noticed that on our wedding spread sheet, the box marked ‘Snugglepuss’ Speech’ is conspicuously un-ticked. Perhaps […]

How to say ‘I love you’

Love. A four-letter word that seeps ubiquitously into songs, drips magic on the silver screen and shoulders the storyline of 500-page Russian novels. Love is all around us – and, as our multibillion pound Valentine industry confirms, it’s here to stay. But when it comes to actually saying I love you, we Brits are hopelessly […]