Speech Delivery

Content and delivery. The two sides of the public speaking coin! A great speech delivered poorly has no chance of hitting the mark.  But with a great script in hand, it is amazing how quickly you can transform your public speaking.

Here’s an HR Director from a top company based in London who took delivery training with us:

“I found the session with Lawrence hugely helpful. It helped me think about how to vary my energy levels, to slow things down and how pauses can be hugely effective in giving the audience time to absorb.  Lawrence was really insightful, and it made me realise that we need to do much more of that as a team if we want to really drive high performance. As a group, there was a real sense of support in the room and everyone was very open about their strengths and weaknesses – each of us made improvements in our delivery through the course of the day. It also really made me question how we use slides.”

Those insights were not rocket science. They were based on some basic, but vital techniques:

PACE  – Speaking slower than you would one-to-one. The ideal pace is somewhere between 100-120 words per minute. In a social conversation we typically hit 180!

EMPHASIS -Nervous speakers often sound monotone. Which sounds boring. Which creates inertia. By emphasising key words we can sound like we care; bring sentences to life, and infuse the room with energy.

EYE CONTACT -The clue is in the title. If someone looks at us when they are speaking, we try much harder to listen. If they are staring at a page of notes, they might as well be on the other end of a phone.

BODY LANGUAGE -Watch two friends chatting in a café. They will gesticulate. Their bodies will match the intensity of their conversation. Somewhere between standing up and moving in front of an large audience, we stiffen up. We become wooden. Which makes us look uninspired.

It’s all very easy listing tips. But not so easy to put them into practice. That’s why we have developed a range of courses to help with delivery. As with everything we do at Great Speech Writing, we will create the right session for you (or your team). Typically we can offer:


Once you have a script in place (something we are more than happy to help with!) we can make a huge difference in a single coaching session of 60-90 minutes.   We can offer sessions in our offices with Tom from as little as £100 + VAT.  Some clients request a series of coaching sessions (and in some cases ask us to visit the venue in advance).



We also provide a series of group and one-to-one coaching services for businesses. This is set out in much more detail here.

The feedback from these sessions has been outstanding. As a result, we are running an increasing number of sessions on delivery, and more general coaching days.

Please call us on +44 20 8245 8999, contact us by Skype or email, or, if it’s more convenient, fill-in the contact form on the right hand side of this page and we’ll get straight back to you.

You may also find it instructive to click here to see four of our clients who volunteered to be filmed before and after a 60 minute session with us.

“The writing and delivery training was pitched at just the right level. I was impressed at the huge improvements we all made over the two days, particularly as most of the course was filled with “light-bulb” moments. No matter the level of experience of writing and presenting papers, etc., I believe this course is essential and will heartily recommend it to colleagues who might be considering whether to attend. This will help to drive real change in the culture of the company.” Rob F, Sept 2014