Father of the Bride Speech Writer

Father of the Bride speech writerYou had me laughing and crying at the same time.  I have no idea how you do it  – particularly being based thousands of miles away.  Of all the father of the bride wedding speeches I have ever heard, this was the best. Yours is an incredible service and I will be telling everyone
I know about it.”

Alan M, Oct 2012

Thirty years ago it was rare for the father of the bride to utter a word at a wedding reception.  At this very moment you may well be pining for those days!  We’re here to take away the pain.

The most common problems we encounter when discussing a father of the bride speech are ones of balance:

  1. The balance between the time you spend talking about your daughter and everyone else
  2. The balance between being light-hearted and more emotional
  3. The balance between giving the guests a real feel for what makes you so proud of your daughter whilst avoiding the speech becoming a hagiography (or extended CV)
  4. The balance between being generous with your thanks and welcomes without speaking for much too long

Experience suggests that there are no iron-cast answers and that the key to everything is relevance.  Every father and daughter have a different relationship.  So do every father and his prospective son-in-law. Every wedding is different.  No two families are the same.

To enable us to write the speech for you, we’ll need to gather more than the superficial facts and figures that would only enable you to give one of those ‘cut and paste’ father of the bride speeches.  Lawrence has built Great Speech Writing  to help you plan, write and deliver something relevant and original, which means understanding as much as possible about the people, the occasion and your own hopes and expectations.

We can write it for you or simply edit a speech you have already written.  The key to being a great father of the bride speech writer is to create something that sounds just like you (at the very top of your game!).  And we don’t charge a penny until you like what we have written.

To discuss how we could do it, please call Lawrence on 020 8245 8999 or email us.  Typical prices are outlined here.

Michael F
5 out of 5
Many thanks Lawrence … the speech was brilliant, and received many compliments! You’re an amazing writer.