We have supported thousands of people speaking at events of all shapes and sizes.

Our small, experienced team has never written the same speech twice.  We understand that you want to be great, but you also have to be you.  At the very top of your game.

Cicero Speechwriting Awards

Speech bubble

Great speeches share a number of qualities.  They are:

  • Relevant.  They put the audience first.
  • Clear.  They are easy and enjoyable to follow.
  • Empathetic. They create an emotional connection with their audience.

That’s the same whether you’re speaking in a conference centre, a marquee or a golf club.  And when you think back to the worst speeches you’ve sat through they will, inevitably, fail on at least two of those three.

We will provide the amount of help you want in a completely discreet, personal and human way.  And our aim, every time, is for you to be told that you’ve just given the best speech that your audience has ever heard.