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If you have ever watched ‘The Office’ you won’t need reminding what happens when the office party speech goes wrong! And before we offer some advice on how to get it right, please be aware that we are here to help.

Some clients send us a first draft that they would like polished and edited. Others have other priorities on which to focus, and ask us to write it for them. Either way, if you’d like to relieve yourself of this mighty burden, please let us know and we’ll put an immediate plan in place!

Whether or not you are writing it, the key to your office party speech is to remember one vital word: Relevance.

As great as the temptation may be to review each month of the financial year, this is probably not the right time. Equally, it is unlikely that the entire office needs to hear a ten minute story about the time two of the directors went and drunk too much in Brussels.
Your speech needs to match the mood. If it’s a Christmas party, and you are saying a few words under the lights, the key is brevity, lightness of touch and perhaps a short mention of achievements past and targets to come.

If it’s a ‘conference-style’ event, your approach will be very different, but the key principles of brevity, originality and relevance apply.

Ideally you will be original but not quirky, authoritative but not grave, fun but not belittling and visionary but not vituperative.

Confused? Don’t be. The best office parties are clear, simple and concise. We would love to help you write an office party speech that you’ll look forward to delivering, and that your team will remember for all the right reasons.

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