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Copywriting for Websites

Great web copy is written from back to front. Rather than asking what you and your business do, clients, customers and investors are won over by reading about the direct benefits to them.

This is where many sites fall flat. Technology businesses so intent on telling you how wonderful their software is that they fail to see that the reader can’t see the reason that’s relevant to them. Financial services companies that give long lists of products without attempting to filter them from the client’s perspective.

Like all writing, websites need to be relevant. They also need to be crisp. Less, in most cases, is most definitely more.

Copywriting decisions

There are important decisions to make when you embark on copywriting. Will you be giving the link to people you want to read it (clients, contacts and colleagues)? Or do you want the search engines to do the job for you? If you want Google to like you, you need to write in a way that Google likes. Which means conforming to algorithms and suggestions. Did you know, for example, that getting the ‘green light’ from Google requires your keywords to be located in the page title, headline and first paragraph? That’s doable, but it’s not easy to write that way without coming across as a robot.

In short, copywriting for websites today is a blend of art and science. It can transform your business, but it’s entirely useless if nobody ever reads it.

Ultimately, can you write a single sentence that you’d like your audience to remember the day after they’ve read your website? If so, that’s brilliant. And it should form the basis for all the planning, writing and editing you take-on.

Our copywriting team

We have a small team of copywriters writing web copy for businesses. We pride ourselves on getting to think like their customers and clients. And asking all the right questions to create simple, clear and relevant copy.

Please call us on 020 7118 1600 any time. Or drop the office an email and ask us to send you some questions to help prepare a really tight brief.

Prices depend on the size of your website and amount of work there is for us to do. We’ll charge on a project basis including all edits required. And we won’t ask you to spend a penny until the project is underway and you are happy with our work. We’re also happy to advise on your web design, structure and messaging.

Editing your web copy

Your current website isn’t quite doing the job. Or perhaps you’ve written new copy for a site that just needs a polish.

We write from scratch, but we’re also happy to take a look and help take your work to the next level.

That often means:

  • Prioritising your key messages to ensure that the important stuff appears at the top of each page.
  • ‘Translating’ what you do into why it matters to your readers.
  • Cutting down lengthy, complicated paragraphs into short, punchy, readable sentences.
  • Integrating key words for SEO without ruining your tone.
  • Simply proofing your work and giving it the green light.

We’re happy to do it via a Word document or by looking at your work online (or on a test site).

We will quote for the entire project before work starts, and many edit jobs are very affordable – from as little as £195+VAT for a small site.

Please do call us for a chat to discuss the best way forward on 020 7118 1600 or email us  (attaching the script you’d like us to review if possible).

Copywriting for Blogs and Articles

Many of our clients commission us to be their ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’, writing the articles they post on their websites and on forums like LinkedIn.
We do it in stages.

First, we need to get to know you and the business. We’ll ask a lot of questions (and can send you these via email if you’d like a sense of where the process begins).

Once we understand more about the business, your target clients and customers and your ultimate goals, we’ll do some research, enabling us to begin to write as if we are part of the team.

What is the focus?

The key is to focus on why you are posting in the first place. What are you trying to achieve? Is the aim to rise up the search engines? To send the link to your existing clients? To look purposeful and helpful on social media? Or to increase the chances of being picked-up by other websites and media?
Once we understand that, we can start to write with those aims in mind, because each requires a subtly different approach.

We never ask you to commit to a long-term project with us. We have written hundreds of articles for some clients, but each starts with a single pilot article – checking that we enjoy working together and that you like our approach. Once that’s all working, we can create economies of scale by agreeing to write for you on a more regular basis, timing their publication to coincide with industry events, times of year and the news cycle.

Please call us on 020 7118 1600 any time. Or drop us an email and ask us to send you some questions to help prepare a really tight and helpful brief before our first conversation.