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“My family loved the eulogy. It went very well and I really appreciate the work from yourself and your team.”  – John B.

If you are giving a eulogy, it is likely to be at short notice.  You are unlikely to have more than a week to prepare.  And on the basis that you’ve been asked (or have decided) to speak, you were probably very close to the deceased and are currently worrying about much more than your speech at the funeral.

We are here to take that particular burden off your shoulders. We can look at a draft you’ve pulled together and suggest appropriate ways to make it easier to deliver.  We can also meet you at short notice, discuss every element of his or her life, your relationship and the key messages you want to get across on the day. You may also want to discuss how your emotion on the day will impact upon your delivery, and the many tips and techniques to stop it all getting too much for you.

Either way, please email or call us on 0207 118 1600 for a chat about next steps, or just for some reassurance and last minute advice on the structure of a eulogy.  We would also be happy to email you a questionnaire (or you can download it here) to help you gather your thoughts prior to a more detailed conversation with us.

You may find this eulogy video clip helpful.  It shows the difference between a relatively conventional, dry and chronological eulogy and something much more personal, empathetic and upbeat.  A great eulogy is all about creating the perfect balance between sincerity, nostalgia and lightness of touch. That’s exactly the sort of outcome we would like to help create for you.

Before and After Eulogy Clip