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“Waiting to get up to do my speech was the most nerve racking thing I’ve ever done.  But once I stood up to speak all the preparation and practice kicked into gear.  I delivered the speech without any mistakes! The guests were laughing and cheering all the way through.  I can’t believe how well it went. For the rest of the night all the guests were complimenting me on my speech and how well I delivered it. Thank you to all you guys at Great Speech Writing for your groom speech writing service, facilitating one of the most memorable moments of my life.” – Danny P.

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There are various challenges unique to the Groom speech at a wedding.  First and foremost, you have to avoid ‘listing’.  There are so many people to thank and mention that, if you’re not careful, the speech can become deathly dull and lengthy.

On the flip-side, this may be the only opportunity you’ll ever have to thank your parents for their decades of love and attention; your siblings for their friendship and support; the in-laws for being so accommodating and welcoming; your best man for being such a rock; the bridesmaids for being so terrific to your fiancé.  The list goes on, although it may have gone too far when you hear yourself publically thanking the waitresses for pouring the wine.

And yes, there are cases, when the groom has run through the list and feels he’s just about got away with a relatively concise groom speech, when he remembers that he still hasn’t actually mentioned his new wife!

We’ve made a video that provides tips and advice for you for your Groom speech.


As with every speech there’s a balance to be found.  There’s also a real knack to saying a lot in a few words.  All the best groom speeches we have ever written share these qualities:

  1. They come from the heart but are not too gushing
  2. They thank the right people in the right amount of words
  3. They flow seamlessly from one topic to the next, so it’s hardly apparent that you are ‘listing’
  4. They contain the right balance between humour and sincerity
  5. They don’t last much longer than ten minutes (max)

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