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September 2022 – Two Interviews in the Metro

Lawrence interviewed on the new Prime Minister’s first speech as Conservative party leader and then, in a second article, on her first Prime Minster’s Questions.  Two very different performances.

Monday 5th: Liz Truss lacks ’emotional connection’ and ‘decorative icing’ Boris used in speeches
Wednesday 7th: Liz Truss was ‘not afraid of being unpopular’ with controversial PMQ tactic

August 2022 – Feature in The Metro

Great Speech Writing in the Metro

Link to the article here.  Full text here.

March 2022 – Lawrence interviewed by GB News on Putin’s recent speech. Are we trying to create rational analysis of a man who is becoming increasingly irrational?

29th January 2022 – Lawrence interviewed by The Spectator podcast about the business and our classified advertising

Great Speech Writing Spectator podcast

Listen to the audio clip of Lawrence being interviewed here.

18th August 2020 – Lawrence interviewed by Times Radio about speeches in lockdown.

Listen to the audio clip of Lawrence being interviewed here.

4th June 2020 – Lawrence interviewed by BBC Radio about about Winston Churchill’s war speeches.

Listen to the audio clip of Lawrence being interviewed here.

November 2019 – Great Speech Writing provides expert advice in YourLondonWedding magazine

Expert Advice

October 2019 – Great Speech Writing is ‘Business of the Week’ in the Ham & High

Read the article and see how we have helped hundreds of people.

Ham and High

23rd October 2019 – MyLondon interviews Lawrence on his life as a speech writer

See how Lawrence responded here

MyLondon article

29th November 2018 – Lawrence featured on Wedding Espresso’s podcast.

Listen to the podcast, watch the video or read the transcript here to discover Lawrence’s top tips on writing and structuring a great wedding speech.

8th November 2018 – Lawrence hosted a webinar with BrightTALK on “How to give a great business presentation, pitch or speech”.

Listen to the webinar on playback for free with BrightTALK.
Other attendees who watched the webinar said:
“Excellent presentation! I found the content incredibly useful.”
“I absolutely LOVED this webinar presentation! I learned so much in a short period of time.”
“Fantastic relevance and clarity! Just in time for a difficult speech I have to deliver this weekend. Will definitely take this info to heart.”
“Absolutely fabulous! Provided some great tips I can immediately apply. One of my favorite BrightTalks so far!”

12th October 2018 – Lawrence speculated with the Daily Star on what Prince Andrew might say in his speech at Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding.

Read the example speech Lawrence wrote here.

Prince Andrew wedding speech

17th May 2018 – Lawrence interviewed by BBC Radio Kent on wedding speeches and the Royal Wedding.

Listen to the audio clip of Lawrence being interviewed here.

13th May 2018 – Lawrence spoke to the Daily Star about Prince William’s best man speech for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding.

Read the full article and take a look at an example speech written by Lawrence here.

7th October 2017 – Lawrence interviewed by BBC Radio on Theresa May’s conference speech (and The West Wing).

Listen to the audio clip here.

July 19 2017 – Tips on how to get those wedding speech tears flowing. (As featured on Heart, Capital FM and in association with Kleenex)

Kleenex asked us for our tips to get those wedding speech tears flowing and these were featured on Heart and Capital FM.

Read the article on Heart here
Read the article on Capital FM here

Heart, Capital, Kleenex

June 21 2017 – Lawrence interviewed about the Queen’s Speech and weddings (!) live on Talk Radio.

Click on the image below to hear the five minute chat with Jon Holmes covering speech tips and more.

June 2017 – Seb featured in ‘The Wedding Secret’

Seb, our Client Relationship Manager, offers advice to Grooms speaking at their wedding reception.  Here’s a snippet: “One regular complaint from wedding guests is that came to listen to stories about the bride and groom, not the groom and his best man.  Don’t forget who you are marrying and why you have asked people to come and celebrate.”

Read the full article here

May 21 2016 – Lawrence featured in ‘First Person’ in Financial Times Magazine.

“Speechwriting is like Botox — the better you do it, the less likely your clients are to advertise the fact. People who come to my company for help with a social speech don’t want anyone to know. It’s a cloak-and-dagger world: we can call clients on their mobile but not the landline; they’ll meet in a café, but miles from their house. Discretion is key.”

Read the full article here  (If you are having trouble opening this link contact us and we will send you the full article).

first person

May 2016 – Lawrence interviewed in Catherine Moonan’s ‘The Pitch Coach’

Extract from the chapter:
“There are three things that make a speech great.  They are the basis upon which we built the business, Great Speech Writing.  The first is relevance…. Number two is clarity…. Finally the hard part: sprinkling magic onto it, to make it original, different and exciting.”

The Pitch Coach

May 2016 – Man London asks Lawrence about effective communication

Read the full article here

Man of London article - effective communication

March 2016 – Lawrence is the ‘mystery guest’ on BBC Radio!

The Paul Miller Show has a weekly feature where listeners call-in asking questions to help identify the occupation of the mystery guest.  This ‘phone-in’ section of the show is available in Clip 1 (below).  You may be surprised to hear some of the careers Lawrence was linked with!  Clip 2 (further down the page) features a more formal interview focusing on what being a professional speech writer involves.

Clip 1: Callers try to guess what Lawrence does for a living!

Clip 2: Paul Miller interviews Lawrence about his career as a speech writer

March 2016 – The Gay Wedding Guide asked Lawrence about two same sex wedding speeches we have written.

Read the full article here

gay wedding guide

Jan 2016 – An article on guiding brides on how to give the ultimate speech on their wedding day.

Read the full article here

Hitched bride speech article

Dec 1 2014 – BBC Radio 5 Live interview with Lawrence on Prince Harry’s fear of public speaking

This five minute interview from the Afternoon Show with Dan Walker and Sarah Brett marked Prince Harry’s launch of the #FeelNoShame campaign, where celebrities admit their secrets to help those with AIDS be more open about their condition.  Covers the Prince, his phobia, other famous people with similar fears, tips for getting it right, and examples of great speakers in the world today.

Oct 2 2014 – BBC Three Counties Radio interview on the party conference speeches

This four minute clip covers David Cameron’s Prime Ministerial style, Ed Miliband’s notes and the enduring importance of the spoken word.

July 24 2014 – Daily Telegraph

Telegraph article

June 2014 – Daily Telegraph Feature

A video feature on Great Speech Writing within the telegraph’s Business Club section:

Oct 3 2012 – BBC Radio Wales interview on Ed Miliband

Lawrence live on BBC Radio Wales during Labour Party conference discussing Ed Miliband’s ‘One Nation’ speech.

Link to 3 minute MP3 clip here

July 9 2012 – BBC Radio interview on Andy Murray

Lawrence live on BBC Radio discussing Andy Murray’s tears and what makes a great speech.  Audio clip here: Lawrence_Bernstein_BBCRadio_Mike_Zeller_Radio_Interview_2012-07-09

Feb 29 2012- BBC Radio 4 and World Service Interviews on the Oscars


Live on BBC World Service during the Oscars discussing the quality (or otherwise) of the acceptance speeches.  In two separate interviews an hour apart.


The first: Lawrence-BBC-World-Service-Oscars-Feb-2011-Part1
The second: Lawrence-BBC-World-Service-Oscars-Feb-2011-Part2

Featured in article in Dame Magazine on what to say (and what not to say) on receiving an Oscar

April 29 2011 – SKY news interview on Prince Harry

Interviewed outside Buckingham Palace live on Sky news on Royal Wedding day .  You can see it here, or click on this link for a bigger version on YouTube (but trust me, I’m not suited to HD!).

Feb 2011 – BBC Radio interviews on Prince Harry

Interviewed abour Prince Harry’s best man speech on BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio Merseyside.

July 2009 – BBC online magazine

Quoted in the BBC Online Magazine in this article :

“In a nutshell, a great speech is communication at its most effective, and we all want to communicate effectively in whatever situation we find ourselves in”, says professional speech-writer Lawrence Bernstein.

“The rules and techniques of good communication work on all levels – if you’re on a stage speaking to thousands of people, asking your boss for a pay rise, trying to buy a new house, or teaching a class of 10 year olds.”

May 2009 – New Zealand Herald

Featured on the other side of the world in the New Zealand Herald:

Article in the New Zealand Herald about Great Speechwriting
Article in the New Zealand Herald about Great Speechwriting

April 2009

Interviewed by Macleans in Canada (the Canadian equivalent of ‘Time’ magazine in the US). ‘Great Speechwriting’ has been abreviated to ‘Great Speeches’ in the article below!:

Macleans Canada Article about Great Speech Writing
Macleans Canada Article about Great Speech Writing

January 21 2009 BBC Radio London about Obama

Interviewed on BBC Radio London by Vanessa Feltz about the Obama inauguration speech.

Sept 23 2008 BBC Radio 5 on Gordon Brown

Featured on BBC Radio 5 Breakfast show with a suggested headline clip for Gordon Brown’s speech at the Labour Party Conference.

Sept 2008 with Stephen Fry on BBC Radio 4

Featured on Stephen Fry’s ‘English Delight’ on Radio 4.

Also in 2008

I have also been interviewed about this service on BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Essex, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and Radio Kerry in Ireland.

I have also been asked to contribute to a number of magazines. If you found me in the Spectator, Private Eye or the New Statesman, you may not read them all regularly, but here are a few clippings.

August 2008

Great Speechwriting featured in Maxim Magazin
Great Speechwriting featured in Maxim Magazin

and, perhaps less visually impressive, the article itself:

Great Speechwriting appears in Maxim Magazine
Great Speechwriting appears in Maxim Magazine

April 2008

Great Speechwriting appears in Cosmo Bride
Great Speechwriting appears in Cosmo Bride
The title page for the Great Speechwriting Article in Cosmo Bride
The title page for the Great Speechwriting Article in Cosmo Bride
The article page for the Great Speechwriting Article in Cosmo Bride
The article page for the Great Speechwriting Article in Cosmo Bride

Also in 2007

Great Speechwriting appears in Wedding Ideas
Great Speechwriting appears in Wedding Ideas
Great Speechwriting Article in You and Your Wedding Magazine
Great Speech Writing Article in You and Your Wedding Magazine