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Here at Great Speech Writing, we’re proud to receive fantastic feedback from the clients we work with. Every speech is written in the strictest confidence and so we cannot send sample extracts, but we hope that this small selection of testimonials from our clients suggest how we might be able to help you.

We’ve worked with over 5,000 clients since launching Great Speech Writing almost a decade ago and there’s no way we could fit all of their kind words onto this page! If you’d like a complete overview of our client testimonials, please click here.

Four of our clients were happy to talk through their experiences on this video.

Every quote has been sent to us in writing. 


"The wedding was a real success, beyond expectations, perfect weather, great venues and the speeches topped the day off. My speech earned me huge amounts of praise! Well done and thanks."
AD, Father of the Bride, October 2018

"If I say so myself, it was a triumph!  Bride and Groom very happy, congregation of 75 were very, very complementary, and honestly you could not have done a better job for me. Really enjoyed it, and well done you."
CB, Wedding Ceremony, September 2018

"I had to write again briefly to say that having finished reading the first draft, I am both smiling and crying!  I would be happy to deliver almost exactly that speech today if called to do so. I’m very happy I got in contact with you…."
TJ, Best Man, September 2018

"One guest told me afterwords that she had attended 66 weddings since she married her husband ( who counts the weddings they attend ??!!) and my speech was the best Father of the Bride's speech she had ever heard including the one made by her own father....Many thanks ,your efforts made a magical day even more special for me and my daughter."
BL, Groom, August 2018

“The speech went down amazingly well and got more than a few tears ! Thank you all very much for your help :)”
JM, Groom, July 2018

“I got so many comments afterward about how great the speech went, both on what I said and how I delivered it. Thank you to you both for helping me through this process, your help really made a huge difference. I will be sure to be in touch should I ever have another big speech to deliver.”
RA, Groom, June 2018

"The wedding weekend was great, the weather was great, the events we pulled off were great, and the speeches were the highlight.. 7 speeches in total and all so personal and well written and emotional.  My speech hit all the right notes for people present and not present. Thank you again." 

RJ, Groom, Nov 2017

“It went so, so well, I left the room absolutely buzzing. It had laughs a plenty and afterwards I had plenty of complements from wedding guests saying how well it went. So thank you so much, I’m really glad I came to you. I was nervous going into this and right up to the speech I was still kind of freaking out about it, however with you guys material in my pocket I knew in the back of my mind all would be ok. So thanks again, you run a great service.”
DB, Best Man, September 2018

“Lawrence, I am in awe of your skills, THANK YOU for pulling together such a fabulous first draft. We’re in great shape, you have hit it out the park with the material I gave you.”
GL, Best Man, July 2018

“The speech went down a treat, the crowd all loved it, honestly thanks so much, couldn’t have done it without you.”
LW, Best Man, June 2018

“Alys, thank you so much for your help with the delivery of the great speech that Theo helped write. The wedding went very well and I received many kind compliments which is entirely down to you guys. I would definitely recommend both of you and indeed the entire company to anyone needing help with their speech.”

JS, Best Man, April 2018

"I absolutely love it! You’ve done an amazing job, thank you."

LM, Bride, Mar 2017

"The speech went down a storm. The amount of positive comments I had afterwards was unbelievable, people were saying it was the best speech they had heard. The way it was written was brilliant and with the punctuation and words highlighted it made it so easy for me to get the reaction I wanted from the audience. Tom did an outstanding job and when my other daughter decides to get married I will definitely be using your services again."
PB, Father of the Bride, Jul 2017

"A bit over an hour together on the phone, and a day later your first draft. I quickly saw its potential and value. After many hopeless months without any idea to go with, I suddenly had a first good draft. In a couple of days it was finalised. THANKS TO YOU!"
PP, Father of the Bride, Jul 2017

"My speech went down very well and the audience loved it.  I had so many people coming up afterwards, complimenting and saying how much they enjoyed it. I will certainly be happy to use your services again."
CK, Father of the Bride, Jun 2017

“It’s wonderful and it’s brought tears to my eyes. Great job.”
MG, Mother of Groom, June 2018

"My first time reading, and I am on the floor laughing at how funny this is! Thanks! This is going to be wonderful!"

BL, Maid of Honour, Nov 2016


"Absolutely brilliant - no need to change a thing - thank you very much!"
SH, 90th Birthday, September 2018

“Thank you very much for the service of speech writing. It was professionally done and I have enjoyed it”
VP, August 2018

“You have worded it so perfectly for which I am really grateful. Thank you for a great job and for delivering it so quickly, which affords me time to practice!”
LD, June 2018

“Have to tell you the speech went down really well. And for sure, I could not have done it without you guys. The host of the dinner was well pleased and I seem to remember getting approx. 1 laugh every other line.Thanks for the efforts and the patience. Also, be sure if I ever get caught for another speech, then you and your team will be the “go to” guys. Cheers and many thanks again. Really, really appreciated.”

DC, May 2018

“I just wanted to feed back that the speech was a complete success and everyone loved it and congratulated me on it so thank you very much for the good work!”

KS, April 2018

“Thank you, Theo! It went brilliantly.  Emotional for many and some compliments for me! I would never have been able to pull it off without you.”

ML, Apr 2018

"It went down a storm, so thank you very much."
CB, Jun 2017

"The party was a success thanks in large part to the speech you prepared. I am so grateful for your help."
VM, Feb 2017

“Thank you for your help! My wife loved the speech, and had a fantastic birthday. Couldn’t have done it without you!”

CD, January 2015

"I gave my birthday speech last night and everyone was raving about it. ‘A fantastic speech’. Once again many thanks for all your help.”

LS, May 2013


“The speech went down amazingly, I had a lot of compliments, and it set a good start for the evening. Thanks again!”

HS, April 2018

"A big thank you!! I will be recommending you to my friends!!! Once again thank you for your help!”

JN, March 2018

“Wow wow wow!! The speech was to say the least, well received. I can't thank you enough, money well spent."

DW, February 2018

"Very warm applause at the end. Some people said they saw some tears from the audience in the last part but I wasn’t watching. I’m pretty sure my wife loved it which was one objective. I also know I loved giving it. Overall, I’m very happy with the work that Tom and I did together and would definitely recommend and use him again."

PB, Sep 2017

"Firstly, you have no idea how happy you have made me. Secondly, I will recommend you without a doubt!!!"

OS, July 2017

"The work and talent that went into that is amazing and inspiring. You have an extraordinary talent."

RB, Nov 2016

“The speech went extremely well and I was so pleased with the result!”

RD, March 2015

“Brilliant work, and so quick… quite how you do it scares me slightly!”

BS, February 2015

“I delivered my speech on Saturday and it was received brilliantly! My wife has not stopped talking about it! You are guys are superb – thank you so much!!!"

KH, November 2014


“Excellent many thanks. It has a good feel to it and I feel confident with it and the timing/order is great.”

JD, May 2018

“I don’t know how I can begin to Thank You. This is perfect! It has the impact I was struggling for, without the awkwardness. Thanks to your work this is a Eulogy I can confidently deliver in front of my friends and family! Thank you on behalf of my mother! I’m sure it will make her happy!”

BM, May 2018

“The speech went exceedingly well and I’m amazed at the accolades I got afterwards from a lot of people some that approached me specifically to commend me.”
TH, March 2018

“Looks great. You nailed it and got the right tone.”
CT, Feb 2018

“It’s perfect – thank you so much. You’ve really managed to capture Tom in the speech. Thanks for turning it around so quickly as well over the Christmas period."

GT, Jan 2018

“It all went really well. The speech was well received and so much better than anything I could have put together. Thanks for your help.”

NH, January 2016

“There are no words to express my gratitude. You have all gone beyond the call of duty and I am so touched. Thank you very much.”

NH, December 2014

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

“Thank you for the speech. It went down a storm.”
RT, June 2018

“I cannot thank you and great speech writing enough.  I had countless people pulling me aside and telling me that “your speech was very good/memorable/amazing/superb/heartfelt/delivered perfectly etc. So thank you, thank you,  thank you.  You took away my anxiety and I went in with confidence and although of course nervous at the first few words I was in my stride in seconds and actually enjoyed delivering it. The whole event was superb and went off as well as we could of hoped.”
NF, Mar 2018

"Thanks for all your help. My daughter’s bat mitzvah was amazing and the speeches went really well.  It was made all the more special by being able to stand up in front of everyone and speak a few words myself. I even enjoyed reading out my own speech. Everyone commented on how good the speeches were, and to be able to achieve all of that was a great feeling. If I ever do another event or public speaking I will definitely use your services again or recommend to any friends."
RT, Oct 2017

"Excellent – thank you. You are so talented!"
LI, Jun 2017

“Thanks to your support, the speech was a piece of cake. Thank you so much for your assistance.”

EN, December 2014

“We had a brilliant day and my speech went down well. Thanks for your help – Happy to recommend you!”

NQ, November 2014

“The speech was great. 5 laughs and 3 ‘awww’s in 4 minutes. One particular paragraph even caused a few tears… The whole day couldn’t have been better. Thanks very much.”

MW, October 2013

Parties and Dinners

"Great speech.  Perfectly constructed.  Well done."
CC, Livery speech, October 2018

"It’s 2.53 in the morning and I’m just having a read , it’s absolutely brilliant."
TK, Club dinner, October 2018

"The speech was great everybody loved it! Thanks a lot for your help, very much appreciate it."
AM Retirement speech, September 2018

“You will be pleased to hear that the speech was very well received and the feedback from all sides has been excellent. It was a very enjoyable evening and one that I will remember for a long time to come.”

TA, Jan 2018

"The speech was a great success and I am incredibly grateful to you for all the assistance that you gave me in turning a mediocre essay into a proper speech."

NH, Jun 2017

"Reporting back following last night’s dinner, I am delighted to tell you that the speech was brilliantly received and I had a number of really positive comments both last night and again this morning. Thank you so much for your help. A couple of days ago I looked back at my first draft… the changes, and improvements, are so dramatic and resulted in such a successful event for me, I really am most grateful for your help and expertise."

NH, Mar 2017

"It was superb my speech. Thank you so much. The room suddenly went dead quiet. Everyone wanted to hear what I had to say.Truly an inspirational speech. I am most grateful to you guys. Please convey my sincerest gratitude to Tom. Thank you Great Speech Writing."

SG, Nov 2016

“I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say that my speech went very well – even if I do say so myself  Thank you all so much!”

SO, December 2014

“Just to let you know some of the feedback from my speech last night: ‘Inspirational’… ‘Emotion filled’… ‘Rousing’… ‘Passionate’… ‘Top drawer’… Not bad eh? Many thanks. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

PN, November 2014

“So the speech… I flipping nailed it, or should I say WE nailed it! They were laughing at bits I hadn’t intended them to laugh at and I had to wait multiple times for the laughter to simmer. There was so much laughter I could barely finish it, I was chuckling too, it was awesome!! Thanks so much guys, just knowing it had been worked on by professionals gave me the confidence to deliver it with style. Thanks again – no doubt we’ll work together again in the future!”

BD, November 2014

School and University

“Many thanks for your help – the process has been really smooth.”
VF, June 2018

“Speech was a great success (I think!). Thank you! A number of people commented on how personal and interesting it was, made them think (and a few even said get a bit weepy!) Overall, I’m very happy with the outcome.”
PR, May 2018  

"Great job with the edit! The speech is a lot smoother and reads really well. Very much appreciate your prompt attention and response time!"

AD, Mar 2017

"A huge thank you for yet another top job on my speech. Another demonstration of your fine art."

Charlie B, Feb 2017

"My daughter got a standing ovation for her alumni speech – the first in living memory. I certainly will be back in touch for more support for our work needs in the near future."

AS, Dec 2016

“What can I say, simply amazing (as usual). Thank you for your ongoing hard work.”

TO, December 2014