Clients – 2009

One of the problems developing a speech writing business is that every speech is written in the strictest confidence. And most of my clients, quite understandably, prefer to keep my help a secret.

However, a few clients have given me permission to send their speeches as samples on a one-to-one basis, and I’m happy to do that after our initial meeting (or once you’ve filled in one of my questionaires).

I hope these references from my clients suggest how I might be able to help you.

Every quote has been sent to me in writing.

“Absolutely excellent work – very, very impressed. You actually made me laugh in the office.  It wasn’t what I was looking for, but it’s exactly what I want (if that makes any sense at all). Thanks for coming through with this, I’m incredibly glad I made the call.”
KH, April 2011

“Lawrence, Wow – is all I can say!! The speech was so good – which was well rewarded by the feedback – there were laughter and tears and afterwards I am sure EVERYONE came up to me and congratulated me on the speech.
Thanks so much – couldn’t have done it without you.”
Deborah J, December 2009

“Hi Lawrence, just got back – just a quick note to say a million thanks for all your help – the whole day was flawless and your excellent work was a breeze to deliver (with the right amount of vodka!). It sounds odd – but I would really like to do it all over again – quite a buzz!”
Robin B, December 2009

It went really well. In fact, it couldn’t have gone any better. You did a fantastic job and I’ll definitely be using you again.
Patrick G, Dec 2009

It flowed very well, which is something I put entirely down to you, so many thanks – your intervention made a crucial difference and I felt a million times more confident and comfortable.”
James S, December 2009


It is brilliant – hugely enjoyed reading it and I will be using you for the rest of my professional life!”
Peter B, Dec 2009

You’ve done everything I wanted and more. You have been extraordinarily helpful and I am beyond grateful. Still worrying about it of course, but at least I now know that I’ve got material in which I am totally confident. Thanks again for all your help at such short notice.”
Robin B, December 2009

“Everything went perfectly, as you predicted.
Another complete success.”

Peter S, Dec 2009

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for rewriting my speech, it was very well received on the night and the Institute have decided to put it on their website, so many thanks again.”
Joy S, Dec 2009

“Newsletter is fab!
Much appreciated.”
Sonia W, Dec 2009

“Thank you so much, the speech was perfect, everyone and particularly Mum loved it, it was a great evening and you definitely helped make it so. Will definitely be in touch again should I have any other speech makeing duties, I dont know anyone who could write anything better. Thanks again Lawrence”
Lulu C, Dec 2009

“It went superbly well. Thanks again for all your help.”
Ed B, Dec 2009

“I got some really great comments. I won’t hesitate to use you again if I ever have to do anything else of this sort.”
GA, Dec 2009

“Thank you so much for doing such a great job in short space of time. It went down brilliantly. Thanks again.”
Don M, Dec 2009

“I’ve just read it. It’s perfect. I’m very very pleased. All I have to do now is learn it! Thank you so much, it means the world to me.”
John B, Nov 2009

“This is really good stuff; you’ve got my style perfectly. Thanks for turning it around so quickly.”
Laurie B, Nov 2009

“I love it. You’ve managed to get a perfect handle on by business, my audience and my key message. Very much appreicated thankyou.”
Alan E, Nov 2009

“Hi Lawrence,
Well…. presentation worked very well! I must have impressed them because i got a call last night and they told me my that I got my dream job. Thank you so much for your support and help, this job means the world to me and i would have struggled big time without your help.”
Johnathan S, Nov 2009

“I’m busy learning it- great stuff. I’m sure it will go down well! Many thanks again for putting it together in such a short time. Well here`s to speech making and I hope you keep busy even in recession times. I`m sure you will, you have done a great job for me, and I will mention your name should anyone need such a service.”
Don M, Nov 2009

Many thanks again”Lawrence, I can describe the work you have done for me in two words. Just Fantastic!”
Mark C, Nov 2009

“Just wanted to write a short note to say thanks so much for helping out with the speeches; both mine and my dad’s went down brilliantly. What could have been a potential black hole of nervousness in an otherwise great day was avoided with your help. In fact, that sounds too negative – my parents have received thank you notes saying that his was the best ‘father of the bride’ speech they’d ever heard.”
BF, Nov 2009

“Just great. Thank you once again for all your help.”
Les B, Nov 2009

“Lawrence, a very big thank you for your assistance. The speech was extremely well received to say the least and the whole day was just perfect. Hope to meet up with you again soon.”
Robert M, Nov 2009

Lawrence, It is perfect. It doesn’t need any tweaking at all – it is spot on. Thank you very much indeed.”
Susie H, October 2009

“Lawrence, its awesome, I love it … its fantastic!!! Still smiling having read it ten mins ago!”
Richard B, Oct 2009

“Firstly a big thanks to you. From the the moment I stood up and delivered the first line of the best man speech the audience were like putty in the palm of my hands. From this point onwards my confidence grew & grew – i didn’t want the speech to end and neither did anyone else!
People were pleasantly surprised with the content, detail & how clean the speech was yet still hillariously funny! The audience were kept on the edge of their seats throughout in anticipation – expecting to witness me deliver one of my habitual innapropriate comments but i refrained from doing so!
The speech was meant to last 10 minutes – but due to the fit’s of laughter it went on for a good 20 minutes.”
Lee W, Oct 2009

“Your speech went very well and was a cut above my usual. The jokes were spot on. Thanks!”
Richard M, October 2009

“Hi Lawrence
Well the day came and it was a roaring success; the speech could not have been better and everyone said it was excellent. Many, many thanks”
TF, Sept 2009

Dear Lawrence, thanks for all your help with the speech. It went really well and the wedding was brilliant. It was great to meet you and good luck with it all going forward.”
Michael N, Sept 2009

“I would just like to say how grateful I am for the help you gave me in making my brothers wedding extra memorable. Thankyou thankyou thankyou!”
Neil T, Sept 2009

“It’s great, I love it … it’s amazing!”
Sally S, Sept 2009

“You have somehow hit the nail on the head. You’ve got my sense of humour spot on and I suddenly feel totally relieved about giving the speech. I’m actually looking forward to it – thanks to you!”
Paul H, Sept 2009

“I gave a day’s notice and within hours Lawrence had turned my speech around. Money well spent without a doubt. Really delighted with it.”
Dan S, Sept 2009

“All went well, thanks yet again to Lawrence”
Alex C, Sept 2009

“Hi Lawrence
Just read the first attempt, it’s fantastic and won’t need much doing to it; i have to say i could’nt have done better myself.”
Terry F, Sept 2009

“You were an absolute star in producing what you did, and only thanks to you we had a real hit! All worked very well and many people were highly complimentary, most especially the hosts. You clearly are the very best at what you do, so thank you for turning this into a wonderful moment.”
Charles B, Aug 2009

“It is first class Lawrence; you are a wonderful man.”
Alex J, Aug 2009

“Thanks again for an excellent service. The speech went down really well, and was well worth every penny :-)”
David M, Aug 2009

“Everything went very well with the speech last Friday! (my wife was extremely happy with the romantic sentiment, and I managed to get a few laughs and some applause).
I will be in contact next time I need to give a speech and I will definitely recommend your service to others.
Thanks for all your help and advice.”
Jonathan S, Aug 2009

“The speech went down very well and I was congratulated by lots of people afterwards. My son gets married in April and his future father-in-law who was there now has to measure up to the challenge!”
Gordon K, Aug 2009

.”Hi Lawrence, Just to let you know that the speech went down brilliantly and I really enjoyed delivering it.
Thanks again for you assistance.”
John B, Aug 2009

“It went fantastically well. After a short while I actually found myself enjoying it. Many of the audience came up to me afterwards and congratulated me on it. I can’t thank you enough.”
Matt B, Aug 2009

“I’m delighted with it… thank you for all of your time and effort.. lets hope I do it justice”
Steve B, Aug 2009

“Thank you so much for your guidance. The final draft is amazing and I absolutely love what you have done with the whole direction. I am really looking forward to delivering it now and feel more confident with having original material. Thanks again for all your help with this, I really am thrilled with it.”
Jon B, July 2009

I appreciate enormously the help you gave me with the presentation of the speech. I only hope I can put into practise all the good things you taught me. I have been very impressed by your considerable abilities in putting a speech together and only wish I had met you earlier when I was in business.”
Martin S, July 2009

Just fantastic!! The reception I received was overwhelming!! Thanks for everything!!”
Peter S, July 2009

“Thanks so much – absolutely spot on and the prompt cards are perfect.”
Marc E, July 2009

“Lawrence, it is so much better than anything Icould have done! I’m straight off to start practising.”
Dom B, July 2009

“It is simply outstanding”
Jay A, July 2009

“L, Speech went down amazing, you would of been proud of my delivery! Look forward to working with you soon.
Mark H, July 2009

“Speech was fantastic. Thanks again”
Justin T, July 2009

“Dear Lawrence,
You are an absolute star! If I say so myself, all worked really well. I was told that “Speeches as good as that don’t come along very often- really excellent job- thank you for entertaining us so well!” Thank you for all your hard work and inspiration- really first class, Best regards”

CB, July 2009

Lawrence, you really have done the most wonderful job. Everything about the speech is perfect and you have taken it to a new level. I cannot describe just how talented you are. Thank you.”
Martin S, June 2009

“The Master of Ceremonies said it was the best speech he had heard there for years. The father of the bride said I caught the


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