Why use a professional speech writer?

Why use a professional speech writer? It is a fair enough question.

As are these:

  • Why use someone you have never met, who doesn’t know you and who you may never meet again to write what could be the most important speech of your life?
  • Why tell a complete stranger many of your deepest secrets and innermost thoughts?
  • Isn’t it cheating to have your own words written, or even edited, by someone else?

There is only really one answer, which is that when something matters this much to you, you may believe that you are not in the best position to get it quite right.

And it is worth considering what ‘getting it right’ actually means.  It means standing up to talk in front of a large audience feeling entirely confident about what you are about to say.  It means creating that hugely reassuring feeling of your audience nodding in agreement as you start, and chuckling at your first joke.  It means carrying the room with you as your speech progresses, with nobody checking their mobile or looking knowingly at their neighbour.  It means knowing that you will finish on time, with the audience wanting more.  It means getting your key point across in a way that people will actually remember.  It means sitting down to a genuinely enthusiastic round of applause, and being congratulated afterwards on an outstanding speech.

round of applause

Some can do that alone.  Others could do with a little professional help.  The second group fall into one of these four categories:

  1. They find it hard to put pen to paper
  2. They find it hard to deliver words in front of an audience
  3. They are just too busy to find the time
  4. A combination of the above

A professional simply seeks to reduce your stress by providing the writing skills and coaching on delivery to enable you to give the best speech possible.
You may fear that getting help is cheating.  On that basis, so is surfing the internet for recycled quotes.  Or buying books about how to make a great speech.
Unfortunately, those two routes have been walked many times.  Which means that although they may contain a lot of sense, they tend also to have been copied to death.
A professional speechwriter should guarantee you originality.

It is actually a little bizarre that people are so embarrassed about seeking help for a speech.  After all, public speaking is a renowned phobia, and a professional can help provide the confidence you require to overcome it.

Huge amounts of money go into organising a big event.  But unlike the flowers, the starters or the fifth glass of wine, most people will go home afterwards and remember the speeches.  At a work event they can make the difference between winning and losing a piece of business.  In politics they can be the catalyst leading to an election victory or humiliation.

Come to think of it, why don’t more people use a professional speech writer?!

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