Testimonials (in full)

Lawrence Director

We’ve worked with over 5,000 clients since launching Great Speech Writing almost a decade ago. Take a look at some of their kind words. Every quote has been sent to us in writing.

“WOW I was blown away – what a change. You made everything pop out. A million thank you’s. I’ll look it over it again when I get home and let you know if there’s any little changes we need to make but it looked amazing!”
JA Groom, October 2018

“Just wanted to let you know the speech went really, really well. Everyone said how good it was. Thank you, will defo come back if I need to do a speech again.”
MW, Groom, October 2018

“The wedding was a real success, beyond expectations, perfect weather, great venues and the speeches topped the day off. My speech earned me huge amounts of praise! Well done and thanks!”
AD, Father of the Bride, October 2018

“Thank you for all your help with my speech! It was a total hit !”
JG, Groom, October 2018

“Everything went excellently thank you. Everyone liked my speech, so lots of thanks to all that helped me.”
BP, Father of the Bride, October 2018

“Your speech went down a treat, and more important it made my Mum feel great!”
CP, Mum’s Birthday speech, October 2018

“Hey Theo, your help was epic! The speech was a huge success!”
OL, Groom, October 2018

“It went really well thanks! To be honest I was absolutely bricking it before the speech but I delivered with confidence and it was a massive success. People were crying with laughter.Top marks to Will who helped me with the speech. Outstanding service.”
DP Best Man, October 2018

“Great speech.  Perfectly constructed.  Well done.”
CC, Livery speech, October 2018

“It’s 2.53 in the morning and I’m just having a read, it’s absolutely brilliant.”
TK, Club speech, October 2018

“It went very well thanks! Could not have gone any better. Thanks for the assistance .”
EB, Groom, October 2018

“Thank you for the great session. It went down really well! My nerves made me a bit flat etc but everyone seemed to love it which is the main thing.  Thanks again for all your help! You are so good at what you do :)”
PS, Coaching, September 2018

“The speech was great everybody loved it! Thanks a lot for your help, very much appreciate it.”
AN, Retirement speech, September 2018

“If I say so myself, it was a triumph!  Bride and Groom very happy, congregation of 75 were very, very complementary, and honestly you could not have done a better job for me. Really enjoyed it, and well done you.”
CBt, Wedding Ceremony, September 2019

“I had to write again briefly to say that having finished reading the first draft, I am both smiling and crying!  I would be happy to deliver almost exactly that speech today if called to do so. I’m very happy I got in contact with you….”
TJ, Best Man, Sep 2019

“I felt my speech went well. And after everyone said what a great speech it was and people were crying with emotion!! I just want to say a massive thank you for all your help and the way your worded it and put it together.”
JD, Groom, September 2018

“Speech went down a treat last night. Thanks again for your efforts.”
EA, Groom, September 2018

“Please pass on a huge thank you to Theo – his writing was spot on.”
JH, Groom, August 2018

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me with my speech for my daughter’s wedding. It was great to actually be able to enjoy the day knowing that I had a well written and heartfelt speech. Lots of people said how lovely it was.”
TR, Mother of the Bride, August 2018

“One guest told me afterwords that she had attended 66 weddings since she married her husband ( who counts the weddings they attend ??!!) and my speech was the best Father of the Bride’s speech she had ever heard including the one made by her own father….Many thanks ,your efforts made a magical day even more special for me and my daughter.”
BL, Father of the Bride, August 2018

“Absolutely brilliant – no need to change a thing – thank you very much!”
SH, Birthday speech, August 2018

“Just wanted to let you know that the speech went really well! Thanks so much for all your work, really appreciate it.”
GT, Best Man, August 2018

“It went so, so well, I left the room absolutely buzzing. It had laughs a plenty and afterwards I had plenty of complements from wedding guests saying how well it went. So thank you so much, I’m really glad I came to you. I was nervous going into this and right up to the speech I was still kind of freaking out about it, however with you guys material in my pocket I knew in the back of my mind all would be ok. So thanks again, you run a great service.”
DB, Best Man, August 2018

“I wanted to say thank you both again for your help in compiling the speech – I received a standing ovation from most of the 140 guests with many old and young coming up to me afterwards and saying it was the best speech they had ever heard! I hope you would have been proud with how I delivered it and can only reiterate my grateful appreciation for your patient advice and guidance.  I am afraid I didn’t admit to your involvement but if the occasion arises, as I have said before, I would be more than happy to recommend you. Thank you both again.”
TF, Father of the Bride, August 2018

“Thank you very much for the service of speech writing. It was professionally done and I have enjoyed it”
VP, Birthday Speech, August 2018

“You, sir, are a wizard and a genius! Love it!!”
CB, Wedding Speech, July 2018

“Thank you again too for all your help – I am so impressed how friendly and professional you have all been. I am not going to advertise the fact I have had help but if I am ever in the position of recommending a speechwriter I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.”
JS, Mother of the Bride, July 2018

Lawrence, I am in awe of your skills, THANK YOU for pulling together such a fabulous first draft. We’re in great shape, you have hit it out the park with the material I gave you.
GL, Best Man, July 2018

NL, After Dinner Speech, July 2018

“Wow, this is just perfect.”
MB, Father of the Bride, July 2018

“The nerves just disappeared. I followed the pace we agreed, paused in the right places to breath, put emphasis on the words and phrases we highlighted. WOW what a delivery. Alys, I could not have performed the speech of my life without your help. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I got so MANY great comments afterwards.”
BS, Coaching, July 2018

“It was a huge success. He had lots of comments after about how funny and warm it was so I just wanted to say thank you – you got it exactly right!!”
CS, Head Boy Speech, July 2018 

“The speech went down amazingly well and got more than a few tears ! Thank you all very much for your help :)”
JM, Groom, July 2018

“The speech was absolutely amazing. After my toast, I didn’t want to give the microphone back, and would quite happily have stayed up there all night! I really appreciate everything you’ve done. Your words and the way you structured everything, turned a very nervous man into a very happy one!”
TH, Father of the Bride, July 2018

“The school thinks this was the best prize giving speech in at least the last 10 years.”
TH, Livery Speech, July 2018

“I think you’ve done great work!! Really, really good. Well done!”
SF, Charity, July 2018

“I am looking forward to the wedding day now much more than I was before I found your company. Thank you for the great service.”
TR, Mother of Bride, June 2018

Many thanks for your help – the process has been really smooth.”
VF, School speech, June 2018

“The speech went down an absolute treat. Thanks very much for your help.”
DD, Groom, June 2018

You have worded it so perfectly for which I am really grateful. Thank you for a great job and for delivering it so quickly, which affords me time to practice!”
LD, Birthday, June 2018

“It’s wonderful and it’s brought tears to my eyes. Great job.”
MG, Mother of Groom, June 2018

The speech went extremely well, the right notes were hit and everyone seemed to appreciate the words. Thank you for helping me get this together in such a timely manner whilst also keeping the light humour and sentiment intact. Really appreciate your help and thanks also to Seb for getting this in place so quickly.”
BB, Brother of Bride, June 2018

“I had previously watched recordings of myself, but never in the way that we did with you and Alys. It was hugely helpful to hear myself speaking without looking and vice versa. I think this approach makes it really evident where people need to focus to improve. Alys’ tips and tricks about colour – onomatopoeia, siren in the back of throat, being firmly planted, etc. A lot of this rang a bell from my theatre days in primary and secondary school, but I’ve certainly not thought about it in such great detail since then… and these are things that I will need to think about constantly until they come more naturally to me.”
VR, Coaching Course, June 2018

“Thank you for the speech. It went down a storm.”
RT, Bat Mitzvah, June 2018

“There were 120 guests there, and afterwards I think I was complimented, hugged and kissed by virtually every one of them.  So, thank you, you contributed to one of the happiest days of my life, and my wife’s, and helped me to be part of ‘the show’.”
GD, Coaching, June 2018

“I got so many comments afterward about how great the speech went, both on what I said and how I delivered it. Thank you to you both for helping me through this process, your help really made a huge difference. I will be sure to be in touch should I ever have another big speech to deliver.”
RA, Groom, June 2018

“The speech went down a treat, the crowd all loved it, honestly thanks so much, couldn’t have done it without you.”
LW, Best Man, June 2018

“What a truly wonderful speech to have the pleasure to deliver. It went down a storm! I look forward to working with the team in the future.”
RT, Best Man, June 2018

“Speech was a great success (I think!). Thank you! A number of people commented on how personal and interesting it was, made them think (and a few even said get a bit weepy!) Overall, I’m very happy with the outcome.”
PR, School Speech, May 2018

“I have to say Alys was fantastic at delivering the sessions and she is a true professional at what she does.”
AP, Coaching, May 2018

“I can honestly say I have never had so many complements over a speech from the majority of the guests. The balance between humour and sincerity was absolutely perfect. You have given me some life learning that I will be able to keep going forward thanks to your coaching.”
MR, Father of the Bride, May 2018

“A warm thanks to you both for the speech notes, the day was really good and memorable and I got a lot of compliments from friends and family.
MC, Father of the Bride, May 2018

“Thank Seb & the team for me, the speech went really well, I got a standing ovation, might start a new career in after dinner speaking!!”
NB, Stepfather of the Bride, May 2018

“Have to tell you the speech went down really well. And for sure, I could not have done it without you guys. The host of the dinner was well pleased and I seem to remember getting approx. 1 laugh every other line.Thanks for the efforts and the patience. Also, be sure if I ever get caught for another speech, then you and your team will be the “go to” guys. Cheers and many thanks again. Really, really appreciated.”
DC, Birthday, May 2018

“Thank you very much Alys for the training today, it was extremely helpful and well worth the journey to gain your insights and knowledge into presenting. If it was your intention to give some confidence you certainly succeeded and I went away feeling far less nervous.”
JR, Father of the Bride, May 2018

“It went down incredibly well!! Honestly people were in fits of laughter and the bombshell at the end ‘back at school we formed a cracking tennis partnership. Now we sell dildos on the internet’ – absolutely nailed it.Thank you so much for helping with the speech. Well worth your time and money, as I am terrible at writing like that. You saved me!”
AM, Best Man, May 2018

“May I express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks for all your hard work. I love the slide show and the speech. What a journey! Thank you very very much. I really appreciate all your sincere efforts and diligence. The speech went really well in both places in the House of Lords and in Iran. My teacher said it was excellent and classy! I look forward to more ventures with you. Thank you very much again.”
AA, Education, May 2018

“Excellent many thanks. It has a good feel to it and I feel confident with it and the timing/order is great.”
JD, Eulogy, May 2018

“I don’t know how I can begin to Thank You. This is perfect! It has the impact I was struggling for, without the awkwardness. Thanks to your work this is a Eulogy I can confidently deliver in front of my friends and family! Thank you on behalf of my mother! I’m sure it will make her happy!”
BM, Eulogy, May 2018

“Alys, thank you so much for your help with the delivery of the great speech that Theo helped write. The wedding went very well and I received many kind compliments which is entirely down to you guys. I would definitely recommend both of you and indeed the entire company to anyone needing help with their speech.”
JS, Best Man, April 2018

“I just wanted to feed back that the speech was a complete success and everyone loved it and congratulated me on it so thank you very much for the good work!”
KS, 40th Birthday, April 2018

“First off, I wanted to say that you did a fantastic job on the speech. I was simply blown away by your work and the structure of the story. It was really well put together and it has a nice mix of funny and seriousness. Almost felt like you were part of the group. Again, amazing work! The first time I read the draft, my immediate thought was that I was so happy I went with your company and got you as the writer.”
DV, Best Man, April 2018

“Everybody said ‘wow’. It made it feel so good about the whole event and it went down a storm!”
MS, Coaching, Apr 2018

“Thank you so much for your help! Without your work, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.”
PS, Best Man, Apr 2018

“Thank you, Theo! It went brilliantly.  Emotional for many and some compliments for me! I would never have been able to pull it off without you.”
ML, Birthday, Apr 2018

“Thank-you so much for your time and advice yesterday, the session was ’fun’ and extremely helpful, I will continue to practice and promise to come back to you after the event.”
MR, Father of the Bride + Coaching, March 2018

“The speech went exceedingly well and I’m amazed at the accolades I got afterwards from a lot of people some that approached me specifically to commend me.”
TH, Eulogy, March 2018

“Well received and it’s really great! It has definitely made me a lot less nervous about the speech.”
CY, Bride, Mar 2018

“This is really great, absolutely love it. You’re a life saver”!
AM, Best Man, Mar 2018

“I cannot thank you and great speech writing enough.  I had countless people pulling me aside and telling me that “your speech was very good/memorable/amazing/superb/heartfelt/delivered perfectly etc

So thank you, thank you,  thank you.  You took away my anxiety and I went in with confidence and although of course nervous at the first few words I was in my stride in seconds and actually enjoyed delivering it.

The whole event was superb and went off as well as we could of hoped.”
NF, Bar Mitzvah, Mar 2018

“Thank you for yesterday, I love working with you. You should be charging more than double for the quality you provide. I was dreading this wedding – now I can’t wait. You make me laugh and cry with your words.”
RB, Father of the Bride, Feb 2018

“A W E S O M E. Loved it.  Very positive reaction.”
TH, Livery, Feb 2018

“A quick message to say that the speech went down a storm with laughter and even applause!   Many thanks for helping me deliver such an outstanding speech.”
TW, Best Man, Feb 2018

“Looks great. You nailed it and got the right tone.”
CT, Eulogy, Feb 2018

“Brilliant, incredible, love it.  I am so happy I met you.”
RB, Father of the Bride, Feb 2018.

“Wow!  This is amazing David….”
BG, Eulogy, Jan 2018

“Thank you for your efforts. I am happy with the draft and will take forward from here. Thank you again. For a job well done. Here’s hoping I deliver it as well as I think it reads.”
RB, Best Man, Jan 2018

“You will be pleased to hear that the speech was very well received and the feedback from all sides has been excellent. It was a very enjoyable evening and one that I will remember for a long time to come.”
TA, After Dinner Speech, Jan 2018

“The speech was a hit! The crowd were in stitches in all the right parts and Jon and myself delivered it with an added confidence as we’d had a little help along the way.  A huge thank you for all your efforts on this one mate, you certainly saved us a lot of stress and hassle. I’ll be in touch if I’m ever honoured with being a best man again. ”
WR, Best Man, Jan 2018

“Hey Theo just to say a big Thankyou for my speech. It all went very well, the speech was well received & afterwards lots of people came to me and said how much they enjoyed it, which was great. Thanks again Theo, I will contact you again next time I need a speech! “
JB, FoB, Jan 2018

“It’s perfect – thank you so much. You’ve really managed to capture Tom in the speech. Thanks for turning it around so quickly as well over the Christmas period. “
GT, Eulogy, Jan 2018

“Alys – you really helped me to overcome my performance nerves and deliver the speech in a way that was confident and natural. Lawrence – your revisions kicked the speech up to the next level and gave it the natural flow and panache I was looking for. So thank you, thank you – it is one of the most terrifying things I have ever done but I ended up massively enjoying myself!”
MP, Best Man, Jan 2018

“So, the speech, it went down extremely well and for that I thank you and your team for their assistance and professionalism throughout. The speech was pitched perfectly. It was warm, considerate, passionate, funny and endearing. Many people commented on how good it was and for that I thank you again.  I would have no hesitation in using your services again and recommending you and the team to others.”
JF, Best Man, Dec 2017

“Hi Alys, Thank you ever so much for yesterday’s session, I really enjoyed it and it was very helpful. I will definitely take on board all of the above, and will be working on my camera skills.”
MB, Coaching, Dec 2017

Thank you very much for this. You have done a brilliant job. I think I am so used to writing for the page that I forget what it is like to actually deliver something out loud! I think you have turned it into something which will be much easier to say and hopefully get a few laughs.”
MD, Best Man, Dec 2017

‘David produced a great script of honesty and humour out of my seemingly odds and ends of memories and, with Alys’s experienced tuition my 8 minutes in the spot light was a far more enjoyable time than I had expected it was going to be. I couldn’t have asked for more from your team. Thank you once again.’
JL, Father of the Bride, Dec 2017

‘Thank you for the amazing work! ‘
HB, Corporate speech, Dec 2017

‘The structure you gave me and your confidence in me was brilliant. I wouldn’t have done it without you . I was surprised at all the great feedback. My daughter was dead impressed with me so thank you!’
PB, Father of Bride, Nov 2017

‘It was the big day last Friday and I just want to say it went extremely well, way way better than I had expected, I have to say it was probably the most nerve racking but best day I’ve ever had.  Your help with the speech and aid in how to deliver was absolutely invaluable and I got all the laughs that I wanted at all the right points.

Theo, it was the perfect balance of being funny and being very close to the mark without overly overstepping it.  JXX the groom was suitably embarrassed and people loved it, I was warmly congratulated from all concerned.

So thanks again, if I ever need any help in the future I know where to come.’
KV, Best Man, Nov 2017

‘The wedding weekend was great, the weather was great, the events we pulled off were great, and the speeches were the highlight.. 7 speeches in total and all so personal and well written and emotional.  My speech hit all the right notes for people present and not present. Thank you again’. 
RJ, Groom, Nov 2017

‘Just thought I would write you a short note to say that the speech on Saturday went down brilliantly, I had nothing but compliments. I surprised myself by the lack of nerves and how much I actually enjoyed it – I felt like I had a smile throughout! This is not something that I would have imagined 2 weeks ago! I have put this down to being able to memorise the speech before-hand so that I barely had to look at my notes and so just concentrated on the delivery, and also having confidence in the content and in the style of delivery, which I am grateful to you for. 

Thanks again for your assistance with everything and I won’t hesitate to recommend you guys to anybody who I think might benefit from speaking with you.’
PP, Best Man, Nov 2017

‘Thank you so much for my training session yesterday. Alys did an amazing job and with David’s cleverly crafted speech (final edits returned late on Sunday night), I am actually looking forward to the day. I wouldn’t have said that two weeks ago. Thank you (both) once again.’
JL, Coaching, Nov 2017

‘Thank you for all of the assistance you have provided to me. The wedding was wonderful!’
PK, Father of the Bride, Nov 2017

‘Thanks for all your help. My daughter’s bat mitzvah was amazing and the speeches went really well.  It was made all the more special by being able to stand up in front of everyone and speak a few words myself. I even enjoyed reading out my own speech. Everyone commented on how good the speeches were, and to be able to achieve all of that was a great feeling. If I ever do another event or public speaking I will definitely use your services again or recommend to any friends.’
RT, Bat Mitzvah, Oct 2017

‘Well it was fantastic, I am a very proud Dad.The Speech went very well without a hitch, I was’nt  nervous and it seemed like that most of the 100 plus guests congratulated me on the speech afterwards, (thanks to you both) I really enjoyed the occasion.’
DW, FoB, Sep 2017

‘The day was a great success thanks mainly to David and Seb please pass my regards to both.  Laughter and tears which was the order of the speec – well done to all. Hope to be in touch in the future many many thanks.’
DK, Grandpa of the bride, Sep 2017

‘It went down well. Would gladly use your services again (although I hope not for any more groom’s speeches!).’
SC, Groom, Sep 2017

‘Very warm applause at the end. Some people said they saw some tears from the audience in the last part but I wasn’t watching.
I’m pretty sure my wife loved it which was one objective. I also know I loved giving it. Overall, I’m very happy with the work that Tom and I did together and would definitely recommend and use him again.’
PB, Anniversary, Sep 2017

‘The day and speech was a huge success and will be back in touch if I require your services in the future.’
JR, Groom, Sep 2017

‘All went well, was a little nervous, but was fine. I will recommend you and if i need another speech i will be in touch.
MG, Best Man, Sep 2017

‘The speech went as well as I could have hoped. It was really well received, and I had so many people coming up to me afterwards telling me how good it was and how much they enjoyed it. And the wedding day on the whole was amazing.

Tom, Seb – many, many thanks for all your help writing the speech and coming up with the overall structure/theme and helping me incorporate all my ideas into it. Definitely couldn’t have done it without your input.

It’s been a pleasure working with you all too.’
MT, Best man, Sep 2017

‘It was an amazing weekend. The speech went down really well but on hindsight I probably should of come to you earlier. Just to give myself more time to prepare.  All’s  good now, it’s taken a few days to recover. Thank you very very much for your help and assistance.’
JK, Best Man, Sep 2017

‘Dear Lawrence,

The wedding on Saturday was a great success in all aspects, with some unbeatable weather thrown in. You will be pleased to know that the Father-of-the-Bride speech was well received. My preparation was good and I don’t think you would have been disappointed with the delivery. I certainly appreciate the flow you create and thank you once again for your support. What’s next? I’m sure there will be another opportunity soon.’
JB, Father of the bride, Sep 2017

‘So finally the wedding reception was last evening and I was first up to give our speech. I followed your instructions, spoke slow and clear, looked up from my notes. The response was nothing short of incredible. People who attended said by far my speech was the best. I’d like to thank you so much for all your help in creating the perfect speech. If I ever have a public speaking event in the future I won’t hesitate oi contact you for your services again.’
EA, Father of the Bride, Sep 2017

‘Thank you and Dave for all your help on this, I have been very happy with the service and would recommend you to friends and family.’ 
KD, Brother of Bride, Sep 2017

‘Lawrence, Tom, The speech went fantastic! I just wanted to thank you for everything! It really was an enormous pleasure to work with you! I must admit to having also enjoyed preparing my speech nearly as much thanks to you both! 

Given the number of compliments I got from quality Hollywood directors and producers I think we achieved our objectives even though I must admit it was not an easy crowd; very different culture!’ 
DK, Best Man, August 2017

‘I just want to report that all went very well at the wedding and everyone enjoyed the speeches. Thank you for your help and should we need help in the future, we will definitely call you!’
LH, Mother of Bride, Aug 2017

‘Hi Lawrence, just to let you know the speech went down fantastically and it got a lot of laughs and I got a lot of compliments on it afterwards. Just like to say a big thank you to you and especially for taking it on at such short notice. If I need another speech in future I know where to go!’
DG, Best Man, Aug 2017

‘That was brilliant. I’ll probably change a few words but man… worth every penny. Loved the love is blind part. Thanks a lot Lawrence – I’ll let you know how it goes.’
AB, Best Man, Aug 2017

‘Many thanks for all the hard work!  It really has made a difference.’
NT, Letter Writing, August 2017

‘Firstly, you have no idea how happy you have made me. Secondly, I will recommend you without a doubt!!!’
OS, Anniversary, July 2017

‘Just wanted to let you know the speech went down amazingly well and everyone actually said my speech was the best out of the 3.  Thank you so much for your help. I will be recommending you. ‘
SH, Best Man, July 2017

‘It was perfect. By the end of the day I don’t think there was anyone who hadn’t come up to say how incredible the speech was. The wedding planner told me it was the best groom speech she’s ever heard.  Theo, again many thanks and no doubt we will work together in the future. ‘
LA, Groom, July 2017

‘Just wanted to drop you both an email to say thanks so much for your input and help with writing my groom speech.  I know I went back many times to get things added and changed but it was perfect.  The audience laughed and cried and everyone said how good it was.  Thanks guys and would highly recommend your services.’
LF, Groom, July 2017

‘Just returned back to London! The speech was  perfectly received and flawless, so I am very satisfied with everything 😊. Indeed I will be working with your team again and recommend you for all speech services!’
AS, Groom, July 2017

‘The speech went down a storm. The amount of positive comments I had afterwards was unbelievable, people were saying it was the best speech they had heard. The way it was written was brilliant and with the punctuation and words highlighted it made it so easy for me to get the reaction I wanted from the audience. Tom did an outstanding job and when my other daughter decides to get married I will definitely be using your services again.’
PB, Father of the Bride, Jul 2017

‘Just to confirm that everything went so well with my speech at my sister’s wedding.  It was very well received and I got lots of compliments from the audience!!!! Thank you so much to Theo and the rest of your team for your help!!!! Your service was excellent throughout!!!!’
DO, Brother of Bride, Jul 2017

‘The day was fantastic, thank you for asking. The speech went down a hit too! I changed up a few things here and there but certainly wouldn’t have gotten the great response I did without Lawrence’s help.’
JH, Groom, Jul 2017

‘Speech went down a treat….I had a blast delivering it…. wanted to do it again!!😉 Thanks very much…. feel I’ve learnt a lot also!!’
SD, Best Man, Jul 2017

‘A bit over an hour together on the phone, and a day later your first draft. I quickly saw its potential and value. After many hopeless months without any idea to go with, I suddenly had a first good draft. In a couple of days it was finalised. THANKS TO YOU! ‘
PP, Father of the Bride, Jul 2017

‘It went down fantastically… we think! Thank you so much.’
JB, Joint Best Man, Jul 2017

‘Wedding day was wonderful and speech was well received. I had some great feedback. Thanks again for your help!’
AT, Groom, Jun 2017

‘It could not have gone any better. Everyone was cracking up for pretty much the entire speech. Thanks again for the awesome material… I’ll give you a shout if I ever do best man duties again.’
RG, Best Man, Jun 2017

‘The speech and the day went very well, thank you. You were a great help and we would definitely use your service again!’
JA, Brother in law of bride, Jun 2017

‘It went really well! Dave, once again, wrote a brilliant speech and I had a lot of laughs and compliments – the groom in particular was full of praise.’
GT, Best Man, Jun 2017

‘The speech went down very well. There were plenty of laughs. The groom was very impressed… I was very pleased with the service. Thank you again.’
JY, Best Woman, Jun 2017

‘My speech went down very well and the audience loved it.  I had so many people coming up afterwards, complimenting and saying how much they enjoyed it. I will certainly be happy to use your services again.’
CK, Father of the Bride, Jun 2017

‘The father of the bride speech seemed to go very well… many people complimented me on the contents including some people who have heard a great many such speeches! I’m very grateful to your colleagues for their guidance and suggestions.’
SW, Father of the Bride, Jun 2017

‘It was a great pleasure working with Sebastian and David, especially as my request was very last minute. The speech was very good and was received very well, so my husband and I were relieved and are of course thankful to you all.  I would have no hesitation in contacting you again for any future occasions.’
VR, Father of the Bride, Jun 2017

 ‘It went down a storm, so thank you very much.’
CB, Birthday, Jun 2017

‘It went very well… when I stood up it enabled me to have confidence and structure… can’t thank you enough… people are still making comments about the speech and I am very grateful to you all. ‘
MS, Father of the Bride, Jun 2017

‘The service was above and beyond what I expected.  Thanks to Sebastian and team for giving me that boost at the last minute. The speech was delivered brilliantly, I was told, and backed fully by the audience.’
PP, Best Man, Jun 2017

‘The speech went down a blast and as Seb said take your time and it worked brilliantly. Thank you to you guys.  I really appreciate your help.’
DC, Best Man, Jun 2017

‘Everything went extremely well. My speech was very well received and I could not have done it without your planning and delivery advice. Once again thank you and your team, I would not hesitate to use you again.’
AS, FoB, Jun 2017

‘Thanks so much for writing an excellent speech for me in such a short period of time. I’m really happy with it and can’t think of any edits that need making. I just need to get on and get practising it now! Thanks again for delivering such a great service.’
NK, Eulogy, Jun 2017

‘I’ve just had a read through the speech and it is exactly what I was wanting..  Something, that tells a storyand  is structured and funny, whilst not being offensive, and I can honestly say that this is perfect, you nailed it on the second draft.  I can’t thank you enough, and I’m sure it will be enjoyed by all of the guests as much as it will be by me delivering it (although I will be very nervous speaking in front of a large group, it eases my nerves a little knowing I’ve got a perfect story to tell).’
SB, Best Man, Jun 2017

‘I love the structure, flow and content.  Thank you so much for your help with this as it was getting that initial structure and flow that i was really struggling with.’
AO, Groom , Jun 2017

‘Really appreciate your support & fine job. I hope my audience laughs as much as I do reading this.’
JH, Groom, June 2017

‘The speech was a great success and I am incredibly grateful to you for all the assistance that you gave me in turning a mediocre essay into a proper speech.’
NH, After Dinner Speech, Jun 2017

‘I just wanted to thank you for your help with writing my speech. The speech was a complete success with many people commenting on how good it was and how well written it was. I lapped it up and took complete credit for it of course! Thanks again and I will certainly be back for work and personal speeches in the future.’
DJ, Best Man, Jun 2017

‘Great speech… made me laugh reading it! Well done:)’
NW, Best man, Jun 2017

‘That’s it, you’ve done it. It reads perfectly and is exactly what I was after. Thank you so much for your time and effort on this speech, it will make the wedding even more special.’
PB, Father of the Bride, Jun 2017

‘That speech is perfect. I can relax now and start packing. Once again thank you for your kind services.’
JY, Best Woman, May 2017

‘By the end of the day everyone had come up to thank me. You’ve got real talent Theo. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many women stand up to kiss me at once!’
KP, Father of the Bride, Jun 2017

‘Thanks for all your team’s hard work. The speech went fantastically well and the whole day was really good so thank you very much.’
SD, Groom, June 2017

‘Excellent – thank you. You are so talented!’
LI, Bar Mitzvah, Jun 2017

‘This is brilliant – thanks so much. You’ve put together a really slick coherent speech, with all the right jokes.  Huge thanks again for helping at such short notice.’
LH, Best Man, Jun 2017

‘I just wanted to email to let you know that we had a fantastic day on Saturday and I got compliments from so many people on the speech. I can’t thank you and David enough for your help… Your service has been a lifesaver and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone…’
PG, Father of the Bride, May 2017

‘Lawrence, thank you so much. Eager to pay the bill, by goodness you deserve it!’
CP, Birthday, May 2017

‘Wow! I am in stitches. I can’t believe how you have turned my ramblings into something so concise and brilliantly written.’
NM, Best Man, May 2017

‘My speech was a huge hit! So many people told me the best speech they had ever heard from a father of bride. I knocked it out the park!!!’
ID, Father of the Bride, Apr 2017

‘Just wanted to send you a quick message to thank you for your help with the speech.  It  went very well with a lot of laughs! I really appreciate it.’ 
GT, Best Man, Apr 2017

‘I have to admit I did not tell immediate family the little (or rather big!) secret of having your help as I thought it might spoil the sentiment of the speech but I am certainly telling all my friends what an absolute life saver you were and will recommend you highly!’
CK, Father of the Bride, Mar 2017

‘I absolutely love it! You’ve done an amazing job, thank you.’
LM, Bride, Mar 2017

‘Fantastic. Gone through it twice. Love it. Thank you!’
PW, Father of the Bride, Mar 2017

‘It’s brilliant. Very clever. Just what the doctor ordered.’ 
ID, Father of the Bride, Mar 2017

‘Great job with the edit!
The speech is a lot smoother and reads really well.
Very much appreciate your prompt attention and response time!’
AD, School Speech, Mar 2017

‘Seb/David – The speech was well received and everything went fantastically well on the day.’
GF, Best Man, Mar 2017

‘Thank you very much for sorting my groom’s speech out. It went down incredibly well at my wedding. Everyone loved it’ 
JD, Groom, Mar 2017

‘Dear Tom – Just received the first draft and have read it – and it moved me to tears – wonderful – thank you so much.’
JL, Father of Bride, Mar 2017

‘Ahhhhhhh, Tom, I just had a proper long read through and out loud and it’s really really good! Thanks so so much. You’ve managed to say everything I wanted to say in an incredibly funny and brilliant way!!! Amazing!’
JG, Groom, Mar 2017

‘We will let you know how it goes! And we will certainly be talking highly of you and recommending you at any given opportunity! Every person about to make a speech of some kind could do with this support we think!’
CH, Father of the Bride, Mar 2017

‘Bravo. He’s done it ! Thank you so much to David ! That is great ..’
CY, Mother of Bride, Mar 2017

‘Tom, to let you know, again, this was an incredible speech. It worked so well. It really saved the day. Thank you so much for quite simply switching how my reception was.’ 
IT, Best Man, Mar 2017

‘We had the wedding on Saturday and it all went fantastically . A special thank you to you, the speech you prepared went down extremely well, elements had my daughter in tears of joy and the humorous lines resonated with the guests to make a lighter moment.

I am very grateful for your assistance and would not hesitate to call on you again.’
DS, Father of the Bride, Mar 2017

‘Reporting back following last night’s dinner, I am delighted to tell you that the speech was brilliantly received and I had a number of really positive comments both last night and again this morning.

Thank you so much for your help. A couple of days ago I looked back at my first draft… the changes, and improvements, are so dramatic and resulted in such a successful event for me, I really am most grateful for your help and expertise.’
NH, After dinnerspeech, Mar 2017

‘Perfect. Nailed it’
DS, Bat Mitzvah, Feb 2017

‘Wow, Lawrence, wow! How you’ve managed to peek between the cracks of the information I sent you to unlock these beautiful emotional vistas is beyond me.’
LA, Eulogy, Feb 2017

‘WOW! I cried at my own speech. It’s 100% perfect.’
Al S, Groom, Feb 2017

‘Tom,  The party was a success thanks in large part to the speech you prepared.  I am so grateful for your help.’
VM, Birthday, Feb 2017

‘A huge thank you for yet another top job on my speech. Another demonstration of your fine art.’
Charlie B, School speech, Feb 2017

‘Many thanks for all your help with the eulogy; so many people were surprised that I managed to get up on the altar and do it but I only managed because I was happy with what I was to say.  Can’t thank you enough for turning my ramblings into something that my mum deserved.’
JA, Eulogy, Feb 2017

‘Thank you so much for all your help. It’s helped so much and taken away a lot of stress!!’
GS, Groom, Feb 2017

‘David this is perfect and no changes required. Its amazing and just what I was after. Spot on and within 12 hours impressive! I will be back in contact for speeches I need in the future.’
CB, Burns Night, Jan 2017

‘Well done! A tremendous gift you have. ‘
DF, Burns Night, Jan 2017

‘The most stimulating, incredible educative experience of my entire life!  I am only sorry I didn’t have this advice to hand years ago.  Genius’.
OL, 1-1 Coaching, Jan 2017

‘The speech went brilliantly. Everyone loved it.  Thanks so much once again.’
GJ, retirement speech, Jan 2017

‘It was very well received Lawrence many thanks for your help. Money well spent!’
OB, Jan 2017

‘David did a great job in structuring my thoughts, adding in the important bits, and ensuring there was a good balance in the speech.  He was also very attentive to the timeline, and ensured that I had something well within time to rehearse. It was well worth me getting in touch, and I would like to thank you for your help.’
MP, Father of the Bride, Jan 2017

‘Lawrence, thank you so much for all your help. The speech went great…ten minutes of magic….everyone loved it.  Again…THANK YOU.’
BH, Rehearsal Dinner Toast and Father of the Bride, Jan 2017

‘Just want to thank David for writing a cracking speech. A bad speech can dampen a celebration but your speech had my guests rolling in their seats and the rest of the day carried on from there.’
SW, Groom, Jan 2017

‘I think you worked wonders on me.  I can hardly believe that having spent my whole working life in a job where speeches – by those around me rather than by me –  played such an important role, I didn’t pick up more of the art of speaking.  I’ve really appreciated your help and the contacts with your team – such a nice group.’
SC, Father of the Bride, Dec 2016

‘My daughter got a standing ovation for her alumni speech – the first in living memory. I certainly will be back in touch for more support for our work needs in the near future’
AS, School alumni speech, Dec 2016

‘Just to let you know the speech went well-  everyone loved it and of course the bride.’
NH, Bridesmaid, Dec 2016

‘It went down a storm – had lots of very positive comments on it. The whole day was superb.’
MB, Groom, Dec 2016

‘Thank you for your help and excellent composition of the speech, you’ll be please to hear it was very well received.’
PF, Best Man, Dec 2016

‘Hi Lawrence,  what an incredible wedding and evening it was!  I must say, the speech went do an absolute storm.  I had everyone laughing in all the right places, and once I got going I quite surprised myself by saying it all without stumbling over any of the words.  Anyway, I think everyone liked it because afterwards the compliments came thick and fast – for the rest of the evening.  And I did feel a little bit guilty for taking all the credit!  Once again, Lawrence, thank you so much for your help, it really made for a very happy father of the bride!
DM, Father of the Bride, Dec 2016

‘Thanks very much for helping with those last minute adjustments. Thanks to you, my speech went exceedingly well. Afterwards I kept getting compliments on how good my speech was; people also added that “it was just the right length” and that the content was “entertaining” (especially the joke about the birth canal) and “very appropriate but at the same time not too excessive”. Anyway, I just thought I’d let you know how it went and how much I appreciate your help.’
Mike J, Best man, Nov 2016

It went brilliantly thank you. The whole day was a great success and I had many people coming up to me saying how good the speech was. Some still in tears!! Just the way it was planned. Thank you and in particular David for your time on it.’
IH, Groom, Nov 2016

‘Just returned from honeymoon and wanted to drop you a note to say thanks – the wedding went really well and my speech in particular went better than I could have hoped. It really hit the mark and got a lot of compliments – thanks so much to both yourself and David for helping to pull it together!’
Rob M, Groom, Nov 2016

‘I will be using you guys again, no doubt about that. ‘
AM, Best man, Nov 2016

‘Just to let you know, I smashed it with the speech on Saturday. Standing ovation and people coming up to me saying it was just a brilliant speech. Thanks to you and Dave for all your help. Will contact you for my other’s daughter wedding….although I don’t know how I’m going to top that!’
Will B, Father of the Bride, Nov 2016

‘I love it – it’s perfect. Thank you and please thank David.’
SL, Groom, Nov 2016

‘Please pass on my thanks also to Seb and Toby for their great work on this.’
TW, Groom, Nov 2016

‘I’d just like to say that Seb and Toby have been excellent and I’ll definitely be using you again.’
Mike S, Groom, Nov 2016

‘It was superb my speech.  Thank you so much.  The room suddenly went dead quiet.  Everyone wanted to hear what I had to say. Truly an inspirational speech. I am most grateful to you guys.  Please convey my sincerest gratitude to Tom. Thank you Great Speech Writing.’
SG, After Dinner Speech, Nov 2016

‘The work and talent that went into that is amazing and inspiring. You have an extraordinary talent.’
Richard B, Anniversary speech, Nov 2016.

‘My first time reading, and I am on the floor laughing at how funny this is!  Thanks!  This is going to be wonderful!’
BL, Maid of honour, Nov 2016

‘Lawrence, You’ve done it again! Great. Thanks.’
SC, Father of the Bride, Nov 2016

‘Oh it went brilliantly – very much enjoyed giving it (had them in stitches!) and got lots of praise afterwards  – job well done!
Definitely be in touch again in the future, thanks again, and all the best.’
SP, Best Man, Nov 2016

‘Absolutely spot on.  Very pleased with that.’
TH, After dinner speech, Nov 2016

‘Hey Lawrence,  …… you are on FIRE again. Well done. Love it ALL. Will adjust a few bits but all is good and love the theme of Xmas too.
LS, Xmas party speech, Nov 2016

‘Overall my experience with Great Speech Writing has been extremely positive.  Your team has the skills and the customer service on point and I will thoroughly recommend you (as well as use you for future speeches 😉 )’
OB, Groom, Oct 2016

‘My profound thanks to you (Seb) and Toby for your help and guidance in making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Brilliant!’
JG, Father of the Bride, Oct 2016

‘Just a quick note to say thank you, the speech went very well and it was a fantastic day all round. Thanks again’
Paul V, Father of the Bride, Oct 2016

‘Tom, All went to plan. The speech was a great success. Thanks for your support.’
Simon E, Oct 2016

‘Thanks very much for all your help. Just been reading over the final draft – perfect!’
Sam P, Oct 2016

‘Just a quick note to say thank you, the speech went very well and it was a fantastic day all round.’
Paul W, Oct 2016

‘Thanks very much Lawrence.  I’m sure the speech will go down a treat, but I’ll let you know how I got on.  Your expertise has been a godsend!’
Dan M, Oct 2016

‘My son reported to me that several people had come up to him during the party and said my speech set just the right tone and was much appreciated, so I consider your outfit’s help to have been very worthwhile (and good value).’
TK, Sep 2016

“It went down extremely well with everyone – “That is not just the greatest groom’s speech, it’s the greatest wedding speech I’ve ever heard”. It was more than I have spoken in front of my family before put together, but that was why I wanted it to be done well. The best man was knocked completely off his feet as he didn’t see that coming.”
DM, Sep 2016

“Thanks. Brilliant 1st draft. Funnier with each read.”
SP, Sep 2016

“It went really well! Once I started speaking, I wasn’t nervous at all. Thank you so much for all your help”
Steve M, Sep 2016

“This is a great service which really helped me out. The guys were able to create an amazing best man’s speech within a few days that went down very well with the audience – I had 5 / 6 people come up to me afterwards saying it was one of the best they had heard at a wedding before. Makes such a difference to have a professional writer create the speech – not only did they create a great story they also gave advice on how to deliver the speech (where to pause, how to emphasise certain words) + how to avoid the usual best man speech pitfalls. Very Highly recommended!”
SG, Sep 2016

“Morning Lawrence, many thanks for your help last week.
The speech was really well received, I really enjoyed delivering it and had a lot of positive feedback, look forward to your help again in the future!”

Matt B, August 2016

“I have to say that the speech was a great success and thank you for your assistance in preparation.
Your editing and extras really complimented the speech and your layout of the whole text with emphasis and pauses made the speech flow with ease.
As always – the ad libs created the best response but they slipped into a well-rehearsed and well edited piece.
I received many congratulatory comments afterwards from people I did not know but who just wanted to connect with me.
The most important person though was my daughter – I made her proud and that as a Father is the most wonderful feeling.
Thank you once again – I will be using you again next year and possibly also this year in a business context.”

Peter W, August 2016

“Amy is very good – she gave me so much confidence and really got me to a space I thought I could never reach.
The compliments I got from the guests were out of this world in terms of quality and quantity
I feel I am still on Cloud Nine. Thank you!”

FB, August 2016

“Wow you’re good. I’ve got tears in my eyes!”
GC, August 2016

“It was really fantastic working with you all on the speech. Big thanks to Toby especially for giving my speech more punch and for finding an overarching theme to pull the whole thing together. He understood the brief perfectly and really delivered on it.

Having been best man a couple of times previously I’ve never felt like I needed help writing a speech before. I had already written this speech but felt like it needed a little something extra. I found Great Speech Writing whilst googling some other resources and didn’t think you’d be able to offer much help given the tight timeframe. Luckily for me I was proved wrong! Toby was able to do the majority of the work required in less than 24 hours and we’d gotten it to the point where I was happy within 48 hours. This gave me enough time to get the delivery right before the big day and I’m pleased to say that the whole thing went swimmingly.”
Andrew F, August 2016

“Just a quick note to let you know my speech was actually very well received on Saturday! It wasn’t the ordeal I had anticipated either – I think knowing my speech content was good helped on that a lot too. Thanks again to your team there who helped me with it all, much appreciated.”
CH, August 2016

“Omg I love it!!!!! Thank Tom sooooo much from me!! Thank u soooo much! It’s amazing and so much better than I could ever had done!
The Company have been amazing thru this whole experience.”

KB, August 2016

“Such a massive improvement! It reads so much more fluent and is much more fun! It made me snigger to myself reading it :).”
NW, August 2016

“First things first – David, I wanted to say what an incredible job you did on the speech drafts. I took the last draft and added some personal touches before I delivered it yesterday. And it went down a storm, so thank you very much for all your efforts.”
MH, July 2016

“All went well, and I received a good few compliments on the speech. Thanks to you all for your help.”
JK, Best Man, July 2016

“The speech went down really well, loads of laughs and tears. Money well spent, would definitely recommend you and use you again if needed.”
HW, Best Man,July 2016

“It went extremely well. Thank for all your help, and also Toby’s help! Couldn’t have done it without you.”
Tom M, Best Man, July 2016

“Thanks very much! The wedding was absolutely amazing and the speech went down extremely well – I had so many people telling me how good it was! Liz and I and all of our guests had a wonderful day. I have only just returned to normality as it is my first day back in the office today after our honeymoon but I am still bursting with happiness and excitement!

David – thank you so much for your help with the speech! It was a complete success with lots of laughter and Liz was absolutely stunned that I managed to deliver it so articulately. The way you edited it for me really helped with my delivery as I think I would have forgotten to pause and tried to rush through the whole thing but I felt that you really helped me to deliver the speech with confidence. I honestly can’t thank you enough as you completely eased all of my nerves about doing a speech and I feel that your advice will genuinely enable me to do any future public speaking a lot more confidently. ”
SL, July 2016

“Thank you very much for the new draft – I am officially “speechless” !!  I can’t thank you enough for your help with our speeches, they are fantastic and both Laura and I are very excited to read them at the Bat Mitzvah party.”
ES, July 2016

“A huge success. Simon gave his speech beautifully, perfect timing, his brothers were suitably embarrassed and everyone loved it. He was such a hero yesterday. The friends were perfect and everyone laughed and I made all the girls cry with my ending so all in all a great success. Thank you!”
John B, July 2016

“Thank you so very much, the compliments that I received were amazing, I am told that quite a few people, male and female were in tears, and one lady said that was the most moving father of the bride speech that she had ever heard!”
Johnny F, July 2016

“As I mentioned on the phone earlier, I’m really happy at the format, general content and theme that Dolan has included in the first attempt. He has perfectly put a theme together and that was what I was completely at a loss as to how to do.”
FB, June 2016

“Just a short note to thank you so much for writing and assisting me with the speech for my daughter’s wedding.
I followed your instructions to the letter, without changing a word, bodily gestures or intonations, and it went exactly as you predicted. So many people congratulated me on the speech.
Two things come out of this: firstly, I should never have previously attempted speeches without your invaluable help and guidance, and predictably the second is I will never again attempt any speech without your incredible and invaluable input.”
Nick B, June 2016

“Lawrence, that’s fantastic, thank you so much for your help. The speech looks really great, and the funny lines were spot on and made me laugh as I read them, so I’m sure they’ll get the laughs they deserve on the night.”
Dan M, June 2016

“Its perfect ! I think the theme is fantastic.” 
JA, June 2016

“Overall this is extraordinary. Thank you for performing a miracle in such a short period of time.”
EL, June 2016

“The speech went down a storm. I have not seen the thank you letters but I have had many verbal expressions of approval. I think that it was the right balance of weight and gently humorous.”
MN, June 2016

“Thanks a lot… I really like it… Touch of magic, which is why I came back again.. So thank you.”
AT, June 2016

“Your speech had me in tears of laughter yesterday!  Excellent interpretation on first go!”
JG, May 2016

“Thanks again for your professionalism.”
WG, May 2016

“Just a note to say that my daughter’s wedding on Saturday was a tremendous success. The speech went down a storm.  I read it at just the right speed allowing for the pauses at just the right places.  The guests laughed where they were meant to laugh and were touched in other places”
Adrian P, April 2016

“Speech went well! Thanks. I will use your services again in the future!”
Jaz H, February 2016

“Just flew back in last night.
Pleased to say that you have one very happy customer ! The speech was really well received – by Bride and Groom and respective families.
To my amazement there were accolades from many guests including two men who came to congratulate me and tell me that I had left a tear in their eye ! Compliments continued throughout the evening.
I practiced hard in front of a mirror and in the end decided that I would have the full speech in my hand – in case emotion took over and my mind went blank. Pleased to say that that bit of confidence allowed me to deliver as well as I had hoped – it flowed and the humour was well rewarded.
So, my special thanks to Toby and many thanks to Jack for managing.”

Benjamin S, February 2016

“It’s a keeper mate. Everyone’s impressed. Brilliant stuff.”
Michael B, February 2016

“The speech went really well and thanks for all your help!
I would definitely use you again. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

Howard O, February 2016

“David – you’ve absolutely nailed it. Thank you very much.
I am really pleased with it and so glad I found you guy on the internet.
It has taken so much pressure off me that I am now actually looking forward to the day and delivering my speech!”

Mike D, February 2016

“what can I say… I was welling up reading it back!
Excellent work mate, more than happy. Now for the learning part. Thank you ever so much.”

Stuart M, February 2016

“Thanks for doing such an amazing job on my debut speech!!”
Amber C, February 2016

“The speech was great and was well received – The content was excellent and as always – thank you!
I will be back for more!”

Kevin K, February 2016

“The speech was fantastic! I was amazed myself by the response. Everybody said it was a fantastic. So it was a great great success and I really want to thank Lawrence so much for all his help and will certainly be recommending him!
I am now eager to speak again and I’m trying to think of an excuse. when I do have a chance, of course, you will be seeing me again!!
Thanks again for all the help.”

Dianne A, February 2016

“Just thought I’d drop to note to say the speech went down very well, so thank you for all your help!”
Karen Q, February 2016

“Absolutely brilliant!!!”
Patrick C, February 2016

“Thank you so much for your help on this – I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you! The speech went down very well and I will definitely use your services again when the opportunity arises. “
Selma H, February 2016

“Many thanks for the speech – I am very happy with it. I must say it has been a pleasure to work with you, and look forward to perhaps doing something else in the future.”
Sheila Y, February 2016

“Just to let you know wedding went great. Speech went even better. Thanks so much couldn’t have done it with out you.”
Gareth I, February 2016

“The wedding was a huge success and my wife and I had a great day! The speech went well and I got a lot of laughs!
A great job from David so many thanks again for his help.”

Andrew V, January 2016

“Really fantastic. If I could have made a wish for a perfect script to be written for me, it still wouldn’t have been as good as this. I couldn’t be happier with your work. Thank you so much.”
Ivor M, January 2016

“I just wanted to let you know that the speech went very well on Saturday, with lots of good feedback afterwards. Having you involved certainly was critical to my confidence in standing up there, so thank you very much for all your help and ideas!”
Alice R, January 2016

“The best man speech went down a storm. How you set it out made reading it really easy and I didn’t even get nervous as I knew it was a good speech. Many thanks for such a great service.”
Mark P, January 2016

“I am pleased to say that the speech was very well received and it touched all the right notes with everyone in the room. Everything was fantastic and we had the best day of our lives.”
Jamie K, January 2016

“My speech couldn’t have gone better.
At least 40 people congratulated me on a great speech well presented. The laughter and cheers are a buzz and I actually began to enjoy myself. I never thought I would say that.
Thanks very much for your help. I will be in touch again.”
Don C, January 2016

“I would like to thank you for all your help – you certainly made the process a lot easier. The speech was a great success!
I will definitely recommend your service and use you again.”

Simon O, January 2016

“Thank you very much for your time today. The training was incredibly helpful!”
Lois C, January 2016

“Toby, Jack – Happy new year! I wanted to let you know that the speech went down really well on New Years Eve.
I was really pleased with the content that you had created. I was far less nervous as a result when I gave the speech than I would have been otherwise.
The reaction I got on the night was amazing and exorcised the demons that I had from my previous best man speech experience, so thank you for getting the the pitch and tone so perfect and the jokes just right.
I have been really impressed with the quality of the work and quick turn around from you both – I will be sure to come back to you in future for any other speeches I may need to deliver.
Many thanks again!”

Charlie A, January 2016

“The speech went down a treat and the day went even better, thanks to your help. I really nailed it and got a standing ovation once finished.”
Greg F, December 2015

“I was really chuffed with myself, so my thanks especially to David for the writing and to Lawrence for his help with the delivery.I practiced and practiced after that and the speech went down brilliantly.
Again – thank you all very very much.”

Martin M, December 2015

“It went really well – it was a tough audience as there were so many non-native English speakers, so the vibe and flow of my speech went down really well. So glad I got Dolan to look at this, has made me appreciate so many things in speech-writing that I just wouldn’t have thought of.
I’m actually going to be best man again next year, so will likely look for Dolan’s help again – he can work some of his magic on it.
Have to say, although it’s a pain at first being asked to be best man, it’s a real pleasure to do.”

Jack M, December 2015

“David – just wanted to say a massive thanks for your help with the speech. It was really well received. I didn’t get heckled by the 130 people like I’d convinced myself and actually, they loved it. All in all, it was perfect, so again thank you!”
James H, December 2015

“The whole evening went very well and the speech was very well received. I got many plaudits and was told I was the best by far, despite being one among many good speakers. But the biggest cheese of them all came up after and asked me if he could have a copy of the speech as he was so blown away.
You’ve knocked it out of the park again.”

Neil B, December 2015

“Please thank Charlie very much indeed for his excellent work and attention. He has captured the various elements in precisely the right manner. And thank you for acting in a professional manner throughout.
I will definitely be in touch again in the future!”

Nigel F, December 2015

“It’s been a while, but I wanted to share with you that the speech was received very well. The retiree’s wife asked for a copy to share it with her children – something you don’t do when you’re not really impressed.
So, thank you again.”

Nick R, December 2015

“The speech went very well, I had many compliments! It made things a lot easier on the day knowing that I had such a good speech in the bag.
Thanks for your help.”

Geraint W, December 2015

“The speech went perfectly, I can’t thank you enough. “
Craig S, December 2015

“Thank you VERY much for your support with my speech.
Thanks to you I felt confident delivering it, enjoyed delivering I and was overwhelmed by the compliments I received. Someone even said it elevated the evening to a different level – go figure!
Many thanks again and I will certainly be in touch if I ever find myself with a speech.”

Vikki T, December 2015

“It was – though I say so myself – an absolute triumph. I can’t thank you enough for all your help and guidance.”
Lucy C, November 2015

“Cracker speech. Absolutely love it! Not a thing I would change in it bud. This whole thing with you guys has really helped settle my nerves for the big day. Thank you so much.”
Arron E, November 2015

“My evening went extremely well, as did my speech. I had many complimentary comments.
It was just the right length, with the right amount of humour and the way it was put together by David enabled me to deliver it to its maximum effect.
My thanks go to David and also to you for the way you handled my enquiry at short notice, which helped to put mind at ease on the night.
I would definitely recommend ‘Great Speech Writing’ to anyone who finds them self in a position that requires a good impression to be made.”

George K, November 2015

“All went well on the night, with lots of positive comments – and I don’t think they were just being polite! My wife was in the audience and she thought it went well so I must have got the delivery right as well as the content with your help.
Thanks for your help and input.”
Mike C, November 2015

“I was thinking of you all this week…thinking I must let you know how the boys got on with the speeches.
Super is the answer…. Perfect speeches with my sons happy to deliver them. Huge thanks to you all!”

Keeley H, October 2015

“The big day went amazingly but as expected flew past very quickly. The speech went down really well. I had practiced it a lot and lots of people said nice things. Thank you for your help writing it.”
Chris J, October 2015

“It all went very, very well, thank you. It went down a treat and I felt very confident delivering, just like last time, knowing that I had the right material and professionally written. I had many compliments regarding my speech.
And that’s me done now regarding Father of the Bride speeches! I can’t thank you all enough for your help and guidance with both. Many thanks once again to you all, especially Lawrence.”

Steve O, October 2015

“The speech went brilliantly, thank you so much for all your help! I know where to come for my speech next year.”
Paul W, October 2015

“The speech went very well. I think it was lucky I listened to you and repeated the speech out aloud over and over, meaning I could continue even when emotional.
It was a great day and I had many comments on my speech. Thanks for the help.”

John G, October 2015

“Everything went great and was well received. The length of the speech and content was perfect. My thanks to Lawrence. I just hope that I didn’t do it too well in case I am asked again!!
Once again, thank you for helping me piece it together.”

Austen C, October 2015

“My speech went down very well and I was very happy with it. I even started to choke up at all the right places, which added to it! Thank you.”
Fraser C, October 2015

“Thank you so much Dolan, I’m truly amazed how well you have pulled the information together. I could never have done this.”
Paul V, October 2015

“Just want to say a very big thank you for all your help with my speech for the conference. It went down really well and the analogies well pitch-perfect!”
Yach K, October 2015

“Many thanks for everything. All went extremely well – despite torrential rain and flash flooding!! Thankfully, the speech was received very well by all!!”
Peter S, October 2015

“The speech was awesome. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Everyone was congratulating me. I had confidence, I used the tips you gave me. I am happy.
I really appreciate what you and particularly Dolan did. Big ups to your team.
Will definitely use you again next time. “

Nkuli Q, October 2015

“The day was brilliant and the speech went down very well. A lot of positive feedback. Thanks very much to Dave for turning it around at such short notice, very much appreciated.
Next time I have a major speech I’ll definitely be contacting you guys!”

Steve M, October 2015

“The speech was a HUGE HUGE HUGE success !!!!!
Thanks very much indeed. Hope to work together again someday.”

Mark H, October 2015

“I think that speech was my best ever! Looking forward to the next opportunity.”
Phil F, October 2015

“It was a wonderful day, the weather was fantastic and the speech went down a storm, one person even said it was the best speech they had ever heard! Thank you so much.”
Maurice F, September 2015

“Brilliant! The speech went down very very well so I was really happy!
Thanks again for all your help with it.”

Paul C, September 2015

“I have just got home from the wedding now, and I have to tell you the day was amazing and the weather, location, guests, were all great.
The speech went fantastically, a lot of practice with your tips and of course the writing. I was congratulated by so many of the guests, there were plenty of laughs and a few tears. I can only say that the speech was the most competent, personal, sympathetic and professional of the day.
I cannot thank you enough and will definitely recommend you.”

Roy T, September 2015

“The speech went down amazingly and I had the crowd in stitches at times, so really can’t thank Jack and David enough for all your help.
It’s my wedding next year so expect me to come knocking again!”

Michael G, September 2015

“I received many compliments after my speech, not least from my daughter, which is the one that matters most! The coaching session with Charlie was invaluable for boosting my confidence and ensuring I took the speech to the next level. Charlie did a superb job.
The tone of voice was perfect, and the theme and content were so appropriate and expertly crafted. I am so glad we covered some of the more delicate aspects and which were written with such sensitivity and tact.
Thanks for providing an outstanding service.”

Adrian F, September 2015

“It was a pleasure doing business with you. I appreciate all the patience and help. You guys are really professional. Would never have been able to manage the speech without your help. My thanks to David.”
Sherine H, September 2015

“Thanks for all your help, you made the day go very smoothly for me.
Please pass on thanks specifically to Charlie of course for his help!

Matthew O, September 2015

“Wedding went great. My speech was very warmly received and the guests were cracking up with the jokes. The caterer even commented that it was the best Father of the Bride speech he had heard in a long time!
A big thanks to both Jack and Charlie.”

Graham N, September 2015

“You are the dog’s- !!!
The speech went down brilliantly well. Thank you so very much. I will tell the world if you want a speech writer you want Lawrence Bernstein
Look forward to working with you again.”

Julian R, September 2015

“I just wanted to say thank you so much to the team for all your help with our speech. Even though it was a pretty quick turnaround it went down amazingly well and we received a lot of compliments – most importantly our parents loved it!”
Kate Q, September 2015

“The groom’s family loved it – thank you Charlie!”
Frederic N, September 2015

“You put my mind at ease and saved a lot of time. Thanks to Jack and David again for all your help.”
Fraser C, September 2015

“I just wanted to give you a MASSIVE thanks for the work you did on the first speech speech. I was nervous as anything, but I think it went really, really well. She was really pleased, and the crowd were laughing all the way through.
The bits I’d considered the weakest parts were actually the best, and the bits I considered the the strongest were the weakest. So it’s a good job I got someone who knows what they are doing to write it!
Couldn’t be happier. Its made me far more relaxed for the second speech next week.”

Alex P, September 2015

“An amazing day. My (our) speech knocked them out. Thank you so much.”
John B, September 2015

“The script was spot on!! Thanks again, everyone loved it.”
Alexis V, September 2015

“Charlie – that second paragraph is masterful. You capture it with such brevity, power and wit. The ink on this one is indelible!
Thank you for transforming an occasion I was dreading into one of curious expectation!”

Adrian D, September 2015

“I just wanted to let you know that I love your work. I am really happy with the result and am very impressed.
Thanks again – I LOVE IT.”

Emma B, September 2015

“Our wedding day was wonderful, a day of great celebrations, joy and lots and lots of fun, the photos are there to prove it. The speech went down like a storm and our guests were fantastic – laughing, clapping and engaging in all the right moments.
Thanks so much for the help with it – it was definitely one of the highlights of our wedding day.”

Piotr C, September 2015

“Everything went well, the day was amazing and all the guests enjoyed it! The speech went very well and my wife and the guests loved it, it really made them laugh, especially the with the prop. That was brilliant, what a great idea.
I will definitely recommend you guys to any of my friends who need help with there speech.
Thanks for all your help!”

Divesh H, September 2015

“A great day was had by all. It was really excellent and the speech was brilliant. It was lovely seeing everyone laughing and nodding along. I received lots of comments for a great speech, so well done to David for great speech writing.
Many thanks.”

Mick D, September 2015

“It was a great day and the speech went down absolutely brilliantly. Thank you so much for your help! Hugely appreciated.”
Mark C, September 2015

“It went very well – I’ll be in touch for the next one!”
Richard F, September 2015

“It was so much better than the usual. Thank you very much.”
Ken S, September 2015

“The speech and the evening went better than I could ever have imagined. Thanks to Charlie and the team v v v much.”
Ravi S, September 2015

“Thank you to Jack and Charlie for delivering so quickly, very impressive. The speech went down very well indeed! Will defiantly be recommending you guys next time a friend needs to do a speech!”
Sam C, September 2015

“Very well written and structured, a great mix of humour and sentimentality. Thank you very much, you have done an excellent job.”
Craig P, September 2015

“Dolan, the speech went down perfectly, captured the girl and the moment. Just the balance of bathos, humour, etc. Thank you SO much!!”
Nick D, September 2015

“The speech went down very well and everyone was very impressed! Great job!”
Marukh B, September 2015

“The wedding was amazing… and the speech worked an absolute treat! The way you print the cards is awesome… really helps with presentation.
Had so many people (including a lot I hadn’t met before) come up to me and congratulate me on the speech – and quite a few who said it was one of the best they’d heard!
So thanks again to David and the team for the service. As I said I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone looking for help.”

Kerry P, September 2015

“We destroyed it!!! Booom!! :):):) thanks so much. It was amazing and made a lot of people chuckle and cry at the same time!! Thanks guys. I really appreciate your hard work … and patience!”
Alex V, September 2015

“The speech went down very well indeed – I’ve had nothing but compliments.
Please pass on my sincere thanks and appreciation to Charlie – his advice and patience was great throughout.
I’ll certainly recommend your services.”

Lloyd E, August 2015

“Speech went over very well with quite a few tears and laughs! Great job – will definitely use you again.”
Peter N, August 2015

“Everything went really well thanks, the speech went down fantastically and the whole day in general was good fun. Really appreciate the help you guys gave me!”
Manny P, August 2015

“I absolutely love it. It is so me!!!!”
Clare C, August 2015

“The speech went down really really well, I had loads of compliments afterwards on how good it was and I was so confident in the speech before hand that it really helped me relax and I gave a really good reading.
Thanks for all your help. I am so happy I decided to use your services.”

Chris D, August 2015

“Wedding speech was amazing, everyone loved it and it really added a wow factor to the wedding. Lawrence thank you for putting it together and doing such an amazing job.”
Muhammad L, August 2015

“The speech went very well! So thanks very much for your support.”
Arvinder P, August 2015

“EVERYONE, including the hotel management complimented me on the speech. Charlie nailed it. Every guest said it was the best wedding they had ever been to, and personally I think it was the best speech I will ever give.”
Richard N, August 2015

“The speech went really well, thank you for all your help it made a massive difference. It was so good to be able to talk to someone regarding it, thank you once again for giving up your weekend and making it happen within less than 24 hours. Really appreciate all your time and support.”
Laura S, August 2015

“Thanks very much for the speech and table descriptions – all went really well!”
Christopher A, August 2015

“The speech was a MASSIVE success. Absolutely brilliant! I felt so confident. Thank you for your professionalism and support during this very important time of my life.
I will be recommending you and definitely using you in the future for more formal work-related talks and speeches I may need support with.”

Jamal H, August 2015

“Wedding went brilliantly and speech a huge success! Thank you so much.”
Liam K, August 2015

“Just a quick email to thank you for your assistance. I can now relax! The speech is better than I expected it could ever be and I am really pleased that I approached you.”
Kevin C, August 2015

“I wanted to thank you for the advert rewrite – I would say amendments, but you completely changed it for the better!
It sounds fantastic and I plan on using it shortly.”

Lauren N, August 2015

“All went really well! Couldn’t have gone any better in fact, it was amazing!!!”
Adam Q, August 2015

“The perfect speech.”
Kishor D, August 2015

“Dolan – thank you. I think it’s absolutely spot on and the perfect balance of light-hearted banter and complements. Pretty much done and dusted – just needs me to rehearse a few times!”
Andrew G, August 2015

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for the wonderful speeches. The best man’s was magnificently delivered, and the groom’s was brilliant.
I would recommend you to anyone. First class service – very professional. We had all the time in the world but in the last couple of weeks stress took hold and we hadn’t done it. You were worth every penny to take the stress away from us.
Thanks to you all.”

Sue E, July 2015

“Fantastic! Some parts cracked us up. we are really pleased. Thank you.”
Marukh R, July 2015

“Brilliant… very happy indeed with the speech and glad I found you – a lot better than the drivel I would have put together.”
Louis K, July 2015

“WONDERFUL!!!! Thanks for all your assistance!!!”
Tom L, July 2015

“The speech went really well. Very happy and impressed with the service you guys provided.”
Shaun O, July 2015

“Just a brief message to thank you all for your help with my speech. I was a bag of nerves leading up to my speech but thanks to your helpful tips and great speech I was strangely relaxed and received plenty of compliments, particularly on the delivery.
I can’t thank you enough, and should I ever need another speech I’ll get back in contact.”

Andrew T, July 2015

“You are super stars… It couldn’t have gone any better and so many people came up to say how great it was and a few even said one of the best they had ever heard! “
Ben K, July 2015

“Everything went down very well. Charlie’s help saved me from being a nervous wreck!”
Will H, July 2015

“The wedding went splendidly and my speech went smoothly. Thank you all for your reassurance and help.”
Bob A, July 2015

“Thanks so much!!!! I absolutely love it. So amazing and I really appreciate all you have done. It’s fantastic!!!”
Greg H, July 2015

“The speech was very well received!! It was just what we wanted: funny but emotional! Thank you very much for all your help!!”
Natalia V, July 2015

“I am really pleased with the speech. It’s exactly how I imagined it. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me create this in such a short space.”
Deepkiran G, July 2015

Brilliant work on the speech, it went down very well. The way is was written made it so much easier to deliver, and the guests reacted very positively.
I have another one to do and I’m sure I’ll be in touch again when it comes round.
Keep up the good work.”

Matt W, July

“The speech was a great success I am pleased to say. I will certainly use you team again.
Many thanks and especially to Charlie.”

David H, July 2015

“The wedding was a great success and my speech was spot on mix of humour and sincerity – Thank You for all your help!”
Dom T, July 2015

“I am really grateful for the excellent job Will did, it took all the stress out of the occasion for me.
I would not hesitate to recommend your services.”

Claire D, July 2015

“The speech went really well thanks – I actually quite enjoy delivering on the day and it seemed to go down well with everyone! My Dad’s was great as well, so thanks for the help on both, they added to what was a great day.”
David S, July 2015

“The speech went amazingly; considering all the other speakers are or were CEOs I managed the most laughs and didn’t feel out of place among them. I’ll try to ring later to thank you in person but am amazingly thankful.”
Sean Q, July 2015

“GENIUS!!!! Love it!!!!! Really good! Thank you!!!”
Maria N, June 2015

“A huge success. Really. It went very well – my hardest audience being wife and daughter, and both were very happy with it. So job done! Thank you.”
Colin H, June 2015

“Just writing to say thank you so much for your help with speech.
Great news: it went very well! – I enjoyed delivering it, there were laughs and approving reactions at the right places (and a few places I wasn’t expecting too – bonus!). Afterwards people complimented the speech, and they continued to do so repeatedly for the rest of the day! For my speech to go so well, and for people to respond so emphatically to it, really made the day!
Thanks again so much for your help. The advice and support was frankly invaluable.”

Andrew R, June 2015

“hit the right balance on the sentimental, and my wife especially enjoyed the tribute to her….way to go!! I look forward to the next time.”
Steve M, June 2015

“I was really pleased with what Dolan did for me. I was delighted with his take on it and in just one version he nailed it exactly. I appreciated the very quick turnaround he did for me too. The response and the feedback were all good. Delighted.
I’ll let you know when the next one is.”

Garry S, June 2015

“Fantastic, I can’t describe how much I really do like it! I like the tone and the style, it seems very appropriate for the evening.”
Chip N, June 2015

“We are still getting feedback via after conference survey but initial responses were that it did sound SINCERE. You’ve selected the language which very much fits with our vocabulary but most importantly how you structured it to deliver the message was great! On behalf of my business partner and myself – THANK YOU!
I WILL use your services again and I am glad that I’ve got professional help not only on this occasion but for future events.”

Ross G, June 2015

“Really, really nice. Thank you very much. I was truly impressed by how well you were able to paint a picture of [Dave] without knowing him.”
Ross D, June 2015

“Thank you to Great Speech Writing for your help. Biggest thanks to Dolan, of course!!
I’d memorised the vast majority of the speech – which makes for a much better delivery. Everything went down a storm!”

Chris T, June 2015

“I’ve been meaning to drop you a line to say thank you.
The speech was absolutely brilliant and I loved what you did. It was the perfect balance of a little ribbing and heart felt sentiments, and a big success all round, so thanks. Speech got lots of laughs, so many I got a bit carried away!
I’ve got another best mans speech coming up so may have to call on your services again!
Thanks very much – great work!”

Andy V, June 2015

“The speech was well received – a good balance between entertainment and sentiment. Many thanks for your great support and I look forward to working with you again.”
Jonathan B, June 2015

“The speech was great and I had some excellent feedback! I had people in stitches while the groom was very happy that I didn’t over do it so that’s great.
Thank you and your team for the big help, knowing it was short notice you all came through. I will be definitely recommending you guys.”

Irfan R, June 2015

“Thanks very much. Can honestly say that I think it is fantastic, and am Hugely impressed.Please pass on my thanks to Charlie!”
Philip F, June 2015

“I am extremely impressed by the speech you created from what I sent to you.
I really like the way you have structured the speech and brought it life with the themes and stories running throughout. Also, most importantly you have grasped exactly what I was hoping and trying to say about my future wife!
I couldn’t be happier and I will definitely be recommending the service that your organisation provides.”

Conor S, June 2015

“My speech went really went well on Saturday. There were some very nice comments from the family and the jokes within the speech were really appreciated by the audience. My thanks to Charlie and the rest of the team.”
Gordon B, May 2015

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you with the speech. It went spectacularly well and people are still getting over the fact that I managed to pull it off!
All the points I wanted were in there and the little comments on when to pause for effect were a great help.
Once again, thank you so much.”

Andrew C, May 2015

“I can’t thank you enough. Went down a storm. I think everyone there told me how good it was and of course I took all of the credit – Sorry!
You have my full appreciation.”

Bill I, May 2015

“Some seriously impressive speech writing! This is perfect – I’d say that’s job done. Thank you for all your work on this – very impressed with whole process.
Will not hesitate to recommend you to colleagues, etc. and hopefully do more with you in the future.
Thanks so much!”

Sam S, May 2015

“The Evening went really, really well, and the speech went down a treat!! Many thanks again for sorting it for me – it was really great!”
Greg V, May 2015

“Wow! What can I say? I feel like you know me so well! This is awesome. I am SO happy! Will did such a good job that I got a tear after reading it first time. Thanks SO much. Cannot believe how you just got everything so right! THANK YOU so much!
I will certainly recommend you guys! Incredible!”

Rahul M, May 2015

“I am forever indebted to you guys! I will have no problem recommending you guys to others.”
Brett C, May 2015

“Just wanted to let you know the evening went brilliantly and we raised £60k! And apparently I should stand for prime minister. Remembered every one of your tips and wanted to say thank you!”
C Kanzen, May 2015

“It went brilliantly, I had so many people say what a lovely speech. Many thanks and please pass on to Charlie – good job. I’ll be in contact for another!”
Jon C, May 2015

“Many thanks to the whole Team, you have made this matter effortless! Keep up the great work!”
Barry H, May 2015

“Thanks for all the help with my presentation for the show. The delivery training really helped me to slow down, and the content was so totally relevant that once I finished there was a queue of people wanting to talk to me about their projects ! So all good!
Big thanks all round – having you write it took a load of my mind so I could concentrate on the installation.”

Anna R, May 2015

“My friends still talk about my best man’s speech from last year, and my groom’s speech from my wedding back in 2006 (the first time we worked together) though it’s now only a distant memory! Keep up the good work.”
Ashley H, May 2015

“We had an amazing time at the wedding. My speech was received really well and many of the couple’s friends said it was the highlight of the day for them.”
Cathy L, May 2015

“I know I can be hard to please sometimes… but I think this has come together perfectly! I love it. Thank you.”
Garry S, May 2015

“The speech was great and the song you put together worked fantastically. It was really lovely to meet you and work with you!”
Katie S, May 2015

“The speech was excellent, I loved it! It went tremedously well and I couldn’t have been happier with it. Money well spent! Many thanks.”
Ross E, May 2015

“We had a beautiful day and the script Dolan wrote went extremely well – it was a big hit!”
Mike D, May 2015

“What an amazing weekend! The speech was fantastic and went down a treat. Thank you all!”
David M, May 2015

“Just wanted to say thanks to Will for all your support in being able to capture my thoughts and put in such a way that it comes across both sincere and with a touch of comedy. Fantastic work.”
John G, May 2015

“Thank you for the speech. It was highly rated. My friends and family were dumbfounded that I managed to deliver such a well rounded speech at my wedding. I can’t thank you enough.”
Stewart L, Arpil 2015

“Speech went really well! I was nervous, but I quickly got everyone to laugh and it was easy after that. 🙂 The speech was written in such a way that it was easy to read, but I practiced it countless times before too!
Thanks for your help.”

Mark R, April 2015

“Oh wow! The first time I read the best man speech, I was on the central line and it just became the most pleasurable journey home… Outstanding, humorous and emotional. You are a real talent!”
David T, April 2015

“The speech was a definite hit!
Thank you for all your help, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and will definitely be back what the need arises.
Will has been great to work with and has pulled together a speech that I feel very happy with!”

Ross C, April 2015

“Really brilliant. Everything went fantastically and I enjoyed every moment. It was meant to last 8 minutes, but it was more like 16 because I had to keep stopping to wait for the laughter to die down! Thanks ever so much.”
Iain C, April 2015

“Really great, thank you! The formatting made a massive difference to my delivery, and the condensed wording made it much easier to get out!
Hit exactly the right note and balance between humorous and sentimental, and was very well received and most importantly greatly appreciated by the bride and groom.
Job well done.”

Ed C, April 2015

“It went perfectly!”
Mohammed P, April 2015

“Lawrence – this is, as always, just perfect. And such a great help! Thanks so much.”
Elizabeth S, April 2015

“The speech went down very well (like last time!). My thanks to Lawrence and Jack for the effort and consideration they put in.”
Chris I, April 2015

“All I can say is that the speech was a total success. I am extremely grateful for all the help and I look forward to working with you again.”
John G, April 2015

“The speech went very well thank you. I was extremely nervous to begin with but as I went on your script gave me confidence, and by the end I felt really good!”
Liam D, April 2015

“It went really well and I scored the highest mark in the presenter feedback. Thank you so much to all of you.”
Margaret N, April 2015

“The whole day was really good, and I got great feedback on the speech. I can’t wait to see the video!”
Neil E, April 2015

“It went extremely well – even if I say so myself! I was only supposed to give the presentation once, but they were so impressed that they asked me to give it to two other departments too. By the third time round I almost knew it off by heart! It all went really well, I had lots of fun and I couldn’t have done it without you. You will always be my first stop for this kind of thing! Thank you so much.”
Charlie C, April 2015

“It’s perfect. Everybody happy. My friends were in awe of the way you pulled it together. Thank you from us all.”
Tom F, April 2015

“You guys saved my life!!! The chimpanzee joke had everyone in stitches!! It completely calmed my nerves down. Can’t thank you guys enough!! Especially in such a short amount of time!!
Phil B, April 2015

“The three presentations you have done for me this week are beyond awesome. Thanks!”
Julian D, March 2015

“Will has been great to work with and has pulled together a speech that I feel very happy with!
I’ll definitely be back in touch in the future.”

Ross C, March 2015

“Absolutely brilliant!! Many thanks.”
Tamara D, March 2015

“The speech went extremely well and I was so pleased with the result. I should be in touch again next year as it is our 50th wedding anniversary!”
Roger D, March 2015

“It went great. There wasn’t one single thing I would change. People I didn’t know we’re giving me compliments throughout the night. Can’t thank you guys enough. If I ever do anything like that again I’ll be in touch.”
Pete T, March 2015

“The speech went so well. I was nervous and shaky to begin with, but once I put the paper down on the table nobody could tell, and by the time I was finished everyone was happy. My daughter came up to me in tears afterwards, and even asked for a copy of the speech to keep!”
Chris H, March 2015

“I spent last night going through my speech with some friends and I am delighted with it. The lads think it’s brilliant. Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it. Incredibly, I’m now looking forward to the delivery on Saturday evening!”
Tom G, March 2015

“I know it was only small and you put it together quickly, but for me it was a very big deal, so thanks so much again!”
Anthony J, March 2015

“Wow. I’m delighted with this. I just read it out to some of the boys and they loved it. Everything fits in so well. I really don’t think anything has to be changed. I feel so much more confident about this now. Thank you so much, you’ve nailed it.”
Dan S, March 2015

“Thank you once again. Many guests I didn’t know before came up to me afterwards to congratulate me on the great speech, and my daughter just gave me a huge hug, which meant everything. I so appreciate your professionalism.”
Chris I, March 2015

“The speech went down amazingly, I had a lot of compliments, and it set a good start for the evening. Thanks again!”
Hagar S, March 2015

“Hi Will,
The Engagement party was a huge success and I was pleased with the way I delivered my speech (without notes). I was a bit nervous at the beginning but soon got into my stride and got loads of laughs! Lots of people complemented me on a great speech. But more importantly my fiancée thought it was a great speech too! Thanks again for crafting such a brilliant speech, it gave me so much confidence knowing that the content and the style of the speech was first class!”

Andrew U, March 2015

“Thank you so much for hitting yet another very tight deadline! I really appreciate you and your teams professionalism, quality, service as well as a great ‘product’, very much valued and appreciated. My thanks to Lawrence and Dolan.”
Laurence V, March 2015

“Just want to drop you a line to thank you for helping me with my speech for my daughter’s wedding. The speech was a success and everybody congratulated me for job well done, so I would like to share the same with you.
A big thank you to Jack and Will!! I will be recommending you to my friends !!!
Once again thank you for your help!”

Jonathan N, March 2015

“Just wanted to share some feedback – Kevin was absolutely glowing today after a great presentation in Zurich. Our head of Swiss sales declared it ‘perfect’ – unheard of in terms of positive feedback!
We are all looking forward to taking it further. Thanks!”

Emma F, February 2015

“wow wow wow!! The speech was to say the least, well received. One guy came up to me afterwards and said it was the best speech he had ever heard at a wedding. That was only one complimentary comment among many, the whole audience were in stitches throughout. I know I delivered it but the structure was brilliant. I can’t thank you enough, money well spent.”
David W, February 2015

“Brilliant work, and so quick… quite how you do it scares me slightly!”
Ben S, Februrary 2015

“It was an amazing wedding and the speech was well received by all. I got hundreds of thank you messages, amongst which one said the speech ‘was beautifully delivered and still brings a tear to my eye.’ Thank you so much for your support.”
Eugene N, February 2015

Your coaching yesterday was brilliant – thank you so much. I’m looking forward to reporting back on future success!”

Gilly J, February 2015

“The speech was a great hit and every one congratulated me on such an emotional and hilarious speech from the heart.
Thanks to you and Will for having done a wonderful job.”

Murty L, February 2015

“I just wanted to say that the speech went very well, once again! I am so pleased I found you guys and will let you know as soon as I know that I have another speech coming up.
Again, thank you so much for your excellent help.”

Kevin M, February 2015

“This is exactly what I had in mind and absolutely should be a crowd puller. Thank you!”
Louise B, January 2015

“It all went really well. The speech was well received and so much better than anything I could have put together.
Thanks for your help.”

Nick H, January 2015

“Thank you very much Dolan. My speech went very well, everyone said it was positioned just right and it flowed fantastically. Thank you.”
Philip M, January 2015

“Thank you for your help! My wife loved the speech, and had a fantastic birthday. Couldn’t have done it without you!”
Cecil D, January 2015

Toyin O, January 2015

“All went great with the speech. Thanks for your help!”
Justin R, January 2015

“Thank you for everything – it all went very well and the speech was well received. I am very grateful to you and your colleagues.”
David J, January 2015

“With your help all went really well, all had a giggle and was a fantastic wedding. Cheers!!”
Tim H, December 2014

“The annual review got a great response. It was excellent.
It’s going to be a big year next year, and I’ll be back with a lot of speeches!”

Fadi Q, December 2014

“There are no words to express my gratitude. You have all gone beyond the call of duty and I am so touched.
Thank you very much.”

Nidda H, December 2014

“2014 was a great year for me – helped in no small part by your writing team. A big thank you to all.”
Patrick s, December 2014

“Everything went very well. Thank you. The theme was spot on and it all went down with fits of laughter. I was relaxed and mum said how touched she was. Thanks for all your help.”
Alex C, December 2014

“Thanks to your support, the speech was a piece of cake. Thank you so much for your assistance.”
Eugene N, December 2014

“The speech went great and I delivered it well. I had put a lot of practice into it so I was not nervous at all and everyone came up to me after to say how good it was.
I can’t wait to see it back on the wedding video now!! Thanks so much for everything!”

Gary D, December 2014

“I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say that my speech went very well – even if I do say so myself 🙂 Thank you all so much!”
Simran O, December 2014

“Hi Jack,
Please thank Will for the excellent speech – I LOVE IT!! Will’s marvelous and I was magnificent. Thanks for the speech, support and encouragement. It was really wonderful. THANKS!”

Felicity K, December 2014

“Hi Lawrence,
The speech went really well! I got loads of plaudits and people came up to me after to congratulate me and ask for a transcript! It was a big stage with loads of lights – very BAFTA-esque! – but it went really well and I felt totally confident. The words were fantastic, so I have you to thank.”

Liam T, December 2014

“Thanks for getting in touch. The speech went really well. I got lots of good feedback. Thanks for all your help!”
Dave Q, December 2014

“What can I say, simply amazing (as usual). Thank you for your ongoing hard work.”
Tony O, December 2014

“Just to say, thanks very much for your help. Should anybody require a speech writing service I know who I’ll recommend.”
Peter L, November 2014

“Just to let you know some of the feedback from my speech last night: ‘Inspirational’… ‘Emotion filled’… ‘Rousing’… ‘Passionate’… ‘Top drawer’…
Not bad eh?
Many thanks. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Paul N, November 2014

“It was all brilliant. Speech went down really really well (also with the British accent) – I am very pleased!
Thanks for all your help guys!”

Ashwin S, November 2014

“Hi Jack,
The speech went very well and was very pleased with it! Many thanks to you and Charlie for your work.”

George W, November 2014

“The whole day was fantastic, and the speech went down well as well!!!!! Thank you so much.”
Lee S, November 2014

“So the speech… I flipping nailed it, or should I say WE nailed it! They were laughing at bits I hadn’t intended them to laugh at and I had to wait multiple times for the laughter to simmer. There was so much laughter I could barely finish it, I was chuckling too but managed to get the final toast part in then sat to waves of congratulations, it was awesome!!
Thanks so much guys, just knowing it had been worked on by professionals gave me the confidence to deliver it with style. Thanks again – no doubt we’ll work together again in the future!”

Ben D, November 2014

“Hi Jack,
It was a great day thanks. Everything went smoothly and we had a lot of fun. I received a lot of compliments on the speech and I think the delivery went down well too, so I wanted to thank you and Dolan again for all your valued input.”

Eddy G, November 2014

“Just wanted to let you know that I delivered my speech on Saturday and it was received brilliantly! My wife has not stopped talking about it! You are guys are superb – thank you so much!!!
I will be in touch re asking you to assist with the preparation of my conference speech.
Once again – thank you!”

Kevin H, November 2014

“Speech went great. I was surprised how calm I was. Thanks again!”
David M, November 2014

“What a lovely speech, it was read perfectly and was a real “send off ” for father, on a memorable day.Thank you.”
Alex C, November 2014

“We had a brilliant day and my speech went down well.
Thanks for your help – Happy to recommend you !”

Norman Q, November 2014

“Really excited about our collaboration. I always love the training, and with your amazing help I’m constantly getting better at conveying my core messages and improving my business presence and influence!”
Tony P, November 2014

“The wedding was amazing (apart from the weather) and the speech went down a storm. It made such a difference to how I enjoyed the day because I knew I didn’t have to worry about the speech. I got lots of compliments about the speech afterwards so please pass on my thanks to Dolan. I would recommend you guys wholeheartedly to anyone who is looking for speechwriters.
Thanks again!”

Theo W, October 2014

“The speech was great. 5 laughs and 3 ‘awww’s in 4 minutes. One particular paragraph even caused a few tears… The whole day couldn’t have been better. Thanks very much.”
Mark W, October 2014

“Wedding was superb, and the speech couldn’t have gone better to be honest, I didn’t want it to end!
Thanks again for all your help.”

Evan L, October 2014

“Just to let you know that the speech went down well. I was a little concerned before I started, but everything worked out and the bride and groom both loved it!”
Harry R, October 2014

“The speech went down great. Thanks to you Lawrence for your effort.”
Bob R, October 2014

All went really well, thanks to you. We even got a nice piece in the Times!”

Miles Webber, Global Government Affairs & Policy Operations Leader at GE (General Electric)
October 2014

“Just to let you know, my speech went well – Thanks again for all the help and I will be back in touch for the next speech I have to present. It turned out to be a great weekend and a great wedding. I really appreciate the assistance received.”
Alan P, October 2014

“The wedding was amazing and went completely to plan. My speech went down very well. Quite a few people came up to me afterwards and said I gave a good speech. I felt totally confident during my presentation and not nervous at all, as I knew Charlie had written such a good speech.
Many thanks for such a professional job.”

Neil W, October 2014

“A quick note to say THANKS for the speech. You did a great job and I rehearsed it a lot so all went incredibly well!”
Roy H, October 2014

“My speech went down very well. I receive a few specific comments from the audience afterwards,telling me that they’d really enjoyed it & that I’d done really well – Thanks for your help!”
Alex F, October 2014

“Please pass on my best wishes and thanks to both Jack and Will. The speech went fantastically well and I received a great deal of praise! The bride and groom have asked for a copy to go in their wedding ‘box’ and the bride was really impressed.
Thanks Again!”

Chris H, October 2014

“The speech went really well and we had a wonderful day – thank you so much. Thanks for all the help, you’ve all been great.”
Martin O, October 2014

“I was so happy with the speech – it went down really well and everyone laughed where they were meant to! Thank you so much for all your help.”
Gary M, October 2014

“The speech went brilliantly. I got congratulated many times and was told it was a model speech. Thank you very much – You made a great speech.”
Mike B, October 2014

“The speech went well and everyone laughed when they were supposed to! Please pass my thanks onto the team!!”
Glenn H, October 2014

“The wedding was brilliant, everything ran smoothly and all the guests and family had a wonderful time. Waiting to get up to do my speech was the most nerve racking thing I’ve ever done, but once I stood up to speak all my preparation and practice kicked into gear and I delivered the speech without any mistakes! The guests where laughing and cheering all the way through, I can’t believe how well it went. For the rest of the night all the guests were complimenting me on my speech and how well I delivered it.
Thank you to all you guys at Great Speech Writing, Dolan in particular, for facilitating one of the most memorable moments of my life.”

Bryan S, October 2014

“Thank you for saving me! I will certainly use you again and recommend your services.”
Marcus C, October 2014

“I just wanted to say how well the speech went on Saturday night.
It was an incredible night and nearly everyone told me it was either the best speech they had heard or one of the best !!
Thank you so much for setting the tone and humour just right and understanding my audience and the message I wanted to convey.
A very happy client!”

Patrick S, October 2014

“All went very well, with no glitches or deadly silences!! Thanks for your assistance and no doubt we shall speak again for my next address. Thank you.”
Louise M, October 2014

“Both speeches got standing ovations and were very well received by the audience. Great speech writing, as the name implies. Thank you.”
Roger B, October 2014

“The speech went very well and was really well received. Great thanks and best wishes to all of the team!”
Guptil S, October 2014

“The speech went down brilliantly!”
Duncan B, October 2014

“Just to say a big “thank you” for all the work in the past few days. I look forward to further collaboration.”
Eva G, October 2014

“I would just like to thank you for all your help – I would have been lost without it!”
David D, October 2014

“Thanks to all your team for making a great speech. It went down a treat!”
Ben P, October 2014

“Hi Lawrence,
The wedding and the reception went fantastically, and the speech went really well and was very well received! I look forward to working with you again. Many thanks!”

Christian B, October 2014

“I had been very nervous but it went very well – Thank you Will!”
James O, October 2014

“Hi Lawrence
Just to let you know the speech went down a storm. I got lots of positive comments, so many thanks!”

George G, October 2014

“My speech went down very well. I got off to a good start and settled into it. There was plenty of laughter and emotion – It could not have been better.”
Andrew B, October 2014

“Just got back from the wedding and the speech was a huge success, so I really appreciate all of your efforts. Please send my thanks to Charlie.”
Paul W, October 2014

“The speech went really well, I don’t think it could’ve gone better. The whole audience was laughing throughout and I had a lot of congratulations afterwards. A few of the ‘bridezillas’ in the audience told me it was the best best man speech they have ever heard! So I have you to thank for that Dolan, and thanks for arranging that Jack.”
Ian D, October 2014

“Hi Dolan,
Thank you so much – I think it’s perfect! The final draft will be published without amendments. I can’t find the words to describe this. So moving.”

Sian V, September 2014

The wedding was fantastic and couldn’t have gone any better.
The Speech went down VERY well. I was sooo relaxed during the day knowing I had a good speech and delivering the speech was a breeze with many friends and family coming up to me afterwards saying how great it was.
So happy to have found you guys. Your help, patience and entire service throughout was superb! :-)”

Charlie B, September 2014

“Thanks for your help in my time of need, you were brilliant Lawrence.”
John C, September 2014

“The speech went very well. It was fairly nerve racking but I calmed down a lot as the day went on and am very happy at how it all turned out… more importantly, the bride and groom were very pleased too. The speech Dolan wrote gave me a lot of confidence in what I was saying, which for me was the hardest part. The wedding was a great success and in the end the speech was actually a fun part of the day!”
Tom S, September 2014

“Thanks so much. It’s brilliant – No changes were needed after the first draft! Thank you.”
Anna R, September 2014

The speech went really well! Grown men came up to me after with tears in their eyes! Thank you so much.”

Lara H, September 2014

“The day went extremely well, especially the speech written by Charlie.”
Stephen F, September 2014

“All went to plan, perfect day. Will did me proud with the speech, it was spot on with the theme, the amount of humour and the length.
Even the weather was on our side, overall a fantastic day.”

Callum M, September 2014

“The day was excellent and my speech went down really well. I did well-up towards the end but still managed to get some laughs and plenty of tears! Thank you so much for you help.”
Oliver K, September 2014

“The speech went really well. Thank you all. Really impressed by how professional you are. Would highly recommend you to anyone. Will use you again if I ever have to do another one! Or have anything script oriented.
Thanks again.”

Jamie H, September 2014

Thank you sooo much for your help with my speech. You have taken a massive weight of my shoulders now that I know I have something good to say 🙂 The speech is perfect! 🙂 Thanks again, you’ve been fantastic and are a credit to Great Speech Writing.”

Dave G, September 2014

“It went very well thanks. Thank you for all your help which was invaluable. Will be in touch for future speeches!”
Jonathan D, September 2014

“Thanks for everything Will, the speech went great and I wasn’t even nervous!! Cheers mate”
Alex D, September 2014

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for all your support and assistance. Without it, it would have been a disaster!”
Fred T, September 2014

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for all your support and assistance. Without it, it would have been a disaster! After a few laughs I settled down and the speech seemed to go down well.
I will definitely be in touch for any other speeches I need to do and will of course recommend you to others.
Thanks again!”

Joe C, September 2014

Dear Lawrence
“Thank you!! I love the speeches, you have made me cry….
Thank you, thank you!!!!”

Rosie R, September 2014

“It all went fantastically well and the speech went down better! I could have gone on all day!!”
Rob M, September 2014

“The speech went really well, thank you. In fact, I watched it back on DVD the other day – it was filmed!”
Elliot S, September 2014

“Absolute legend! Amazing, I think its perfect.”
Andrew S, September 2014

“Speech went great!!!! Thank you so much Charlie!”
Tom B, September 2014

“Please pass on my gratitude to Dolan for his help and guidance, this was extremely appreciated. The speech went really well and I had lots of very nice comments. Will be back in touch for my next daughter’s wedding!”
Greg B, August 2014

“Lawrence – The wedding was fantastic and your speech great. I got a lot of compliments so thank you very much.”
Jack B, August 2014

“The speech went very well. Well received and got some laughs – I’m so chuffed. I would certainly recommend the company to friends!”
Harry I, August 2014

“This is perfect. The speech is extremely well written with a beautiful turn of phrase in so many parts.
Thanks a million Charlie for all the thought you have put into this. I’ll know where to go next time I have a speech to give.”

William D, August 2014

“This is perfect, exactly what I wanted. Love what you did with the first date anecdote. The nerves are slowly turning into excitement at the thought of delivering the speech. Thank you so, so much for all your help and patience! It is hugely appreciated.”
Peter W, August 2014

“Hi Lawrence.
I am really chuffed with the way my speech went. Lots and lots of people congratulated me on it and there were many tears and laughter at the appropriate moments during it from the audience. I honestly don’t think it could have been much better. Your content was brilliant and your patience with someone who finds this difficult was great.
Thanks again and I will be back should I need to do another public speech in the future.”

Stuart D, August 2014

“I can confirm that it went brilliantly… The lead in times allowed me to memorise the majority of the speech, meaning that it was a lot more heartfelt. Many thanks again.”
Sean P, August 2014

“Hi Lawrence
Thank you very much for the new draft which is super. I did not expect you to fit so much new material into the Speech and I think you have done a splendid job in doing so. I am most grateful to you for helping me and you have done a great job. Thank you.”

Simon B, August 2014

“This is superb. Light years on from the drivel we usually kick out at town hall type event.”
Jeremy K, August 2014

“Hi Dolan,

Everything went very well! Everyone said to me my speech was the BEST! I’m very very happy with my speech! Thank you very much for your GREAT help!”
Carlos E, July 2014

“It’s unbelievably good buddy!”
Brian J, July 2014

“The wedding went to plan, perfect day. Will did me proud with the speech, it was spot on with the theme, the amount of humour and the length. Even the weather was on our side, overall a fantastic day.”
Harry M, July 2014

“The speech is spot on, perfect, couldn’t have asked for any more.”
Chris M, July 2014

“It was all absolutely perfect (apart from the travel!) “our” speech was very well received and warmly applauded by the 100 or so guests. “
Alex K, July 2014

“Hi Lawrence,

Your ears must have been burning during our directors meeting. It was unanimous that they want you back (and the ones who missed out last time desperately now want in!)”
Sarah C, July 2014

“Hi Lawrence,

I thought I’d drop you a quick e-mail now I’ve caught my breath after the weekend. I was very pleased with the way the speech went and was received – I got some really great feedback, with people coming up to me all night with compliments like “10/10”, “terrific”, and “superb”. Sadly I haven’t found a video yet, but thought you should know you did a great job.”
Luke S, July 2014

“Hi Will,

I thought I’d let you know how the speech went. Well it went GREAT.

It was the first and only speech I’ve ever made. My son Matt had to go to the boys room to wipe his face, and there were two chaps in there crying, so he slipped into the cubicle not to disturb them, and overheard them saying that was the best speech they’d ever heard in their life. My daughter was over the MOON, crying and laughing at the same time, and even the groom gave me a big hug and thanked me.

I have another daughter, so when she’s ready, you know who I’m going to call on!”
Frank T, July 2014

“Dear Lawrence,

I want to thank you for the write up of the speech, you did a commendable job. It was both enjoyable and informative. The speech managed to capture the interest of everyone quickly and until the very end.

I have received very positive comments from those who attended the meeting. They really enjoyed the speech and found the information to be very valuable. Once again, thank you for your prompt response and excellent writing making my presentation a great success.”

Your knowledge and hard work are very much appreciated and hopefully soon will be used again.”
Omar A, July 2014

“My boss wanted me to kindly feedback to you that she is very happy with the speech scripts and appreciate what you have done  – she say’s you’re her ‘Hero’.”
Lucie M, July 2014

“Hi Dolan,
It’s perfect, brilliant !
Thank you very much for your great help.
Once again, I really appreciate your quick work.
Sami I, July 2014

“Big thank to all the team, from a very nervous speaker. Couldn’t have done it without you all. Went very well and lots of congratulations for the speech content, length and delivery. ”
Judy E, July 2014

“The speech went down a storm!  The way you had written it made it sound like natural banter between the two of us. Many guests congratulated us afterwards and said they’d never seen a double-best-man speech like it! We were quite the double act! Thank you so much for all your help and advice. The coaching session with you made all the difference, giving us the confidence to deliver all those great lines you’d written. It was a pleasure meeting you and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you. I will certainly be keeping your details for when I’m ‘Father of the Bride’ for my own daughter’s wedding!”
Philip M, July 2014

“My best man’s speech was a big hit – thank you so much for your expert assistance. I will be sure to spread the good word.”
Ashley H, July 2014

“The wedding day was absolutely amazing and everyone loved my speech. Thank you so much for all your help”
Marvin P, July 2014

“Hi Lawrence – I can’t thank you enough for the speech, it went incredibly well and I was congratulated many times afterwards which really was all down to you. Thank you once again.”
Ben E, June 2014

“The speech went down very well, a lot of guests commenting, saying it was one of the best grooms speeches they had heard and were in tears and laughing at the same time. Thank you again for all your help, certainly helped with the nerves. “
Joe L, June 2014

“It went great thanks, very happy with it so thanks very much for support.”
Ian B, June 2014

“The reaction was unreal. Some said the best they had heard. Thank you.”
Damien R, June 2014

“Just to say – it went really well!  I was so pleased, thanks to you all for the help.  I was thanked and congratulated so many times.  It’s funny really as when I received my speech I knew it now sounded great,  largely from my content but written in a way that was deliverable. It also had given me the confidence to deliver it well.  It really made me realise what a difference your work had made to my collection of ideas. I was the unexpected hero of the day and impressed my friends, family and importantly many people I hadn’t seen for many years. Result!”
Jeff G, June 2014

“It was an absolutely fantastic day, the speech was a great success and caused many a good laugh and a few tears.  I couldn’t have wished for a better day.  Many thanks again for all your and Dolan’s help with the speech, would certainly recommend you.”
Mike P, June 2014

“Hi Lawrence, that was really great. Feeling much happier now”
Martin B, June 2014

“I was faced with a choice: write it myself or engage the services of a true professional. I could have struggled through. Fortunately I took the professional option and the speech blew my socks off. The audience loved it. A brilliant decision!”
Mark E, June 2014

“Magnificent all round”
Paula W, May 2014

“Excellent work, I’m really impressed. It has flow and all the content is in there. It’s also set out pretty much just how I would talk. Well done guys.”
Andy N, May 2014

“Lawrence, it’s brilliant – can’t fault it”
Keith J, May 2014

“The speech went down extremely well indeed. I lost count of those who made a specific reference to it when speaking with me later in the evening and, without wanting to get ahead of myself, a number said it was the best they had heard.”
Laurence B, May 2014

 “The speech went fantastically well ! I had loads of compliments and some even asked if I do a lot of public speaking ?!! I am so pleased I contacted you.”
Kevin M, May 2014

“Many thanks for the draft. I am full of admiration that you not only can write a draft speech relating to a person you have only met once, but manage to imbue that draft with a personality I am comfortable with. Clearly, you have a gift or are a verbal Houdini!”
Sonia P, April 2014

“I love the speech! Thank you! The rebel in you has got it right!”
Al A, April 2014

“Wow really nailed it ! Thanks so much for your input. .. A storm so much praise and enjoyment. Thanks again!” 
Paul S, April 2014

“This is the best speech ever – people were so  receptive.  Thank you for making this happen!”
Tracie W, April 2014

“Thanks a lot for the work you have done. Very happy with the end result.
I have no doubt we will require your services in the future.”
Stuart D, April 2014

“It went great! Thank you for your help.”
Marin P, April 2014

“I am now brutally honest – you are too brilliant for your own good!!  How you can just dash off 336 words like that, with such style and eloquence – I simply do not know.  I am really happy with it.  Thank you so very much for your help. I will certainly pass on to you comments that I receive, as of course, I shall pretend this is my own work!” 
Martin J, April 2014

“It sounds perfect! Thank you for all your hard work – I will let you know how it all goes.”
J, April 2014

“Thank you, all went very well. Such a perfect day and the speech was a success. Thanks again and regards to all.
Jonathan B, April 2014

“The speech and the whole wedding day went like a dream. Thanks for your help with it. I’ve already started recommending you to friends.”
Nick T, April 2014

“It really was a beautiful weekend and the speech went down really well .Many friends and relatives commented at how good it had come across .
Please thank Lawrence and Dolan for their patience and skill at writing a perfect speech for a nervous father.”
Bill T, March 2014

“The eulogy went very well and my family loved it. Dolan was great and I really appreciate the work from yourself and your team.”
John W, March 2014

“Pretty damn perfect. Thanks for all your help”.
Lawrence, March 2014

“Thank you so much for your help – you don’t know how helpful this is!! I was wondering why my friend was so thankful to me!”
Ben, March 2014

“Went great thanks – really, really good.”
Simon, March 2014

“You are an amazing speech writer besides being such a thoughtful and wonderful person to work with.”
Tony, March 2014

“Hi Lawrence, I just want to say a massive thank you to all of your help on Tuesday, the presentation went down a storm and they loved the funny story.  Both of them said I had paid extra attention to detail which went down well,  and were bowled over about the total visibility it gives them over their supply chain.  Thank you very much.”
Mitchell, February 2014

“I wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for your help with my speech.  The day went very well and the speech was well received.  I couldn’t have done it without your help.”
Colin, January 2014

“The speech went extremely well!  It was very well received and people seemed to enjoy it.  I did leave things somewhat to the last minute but you really saved the day so please pass along my thanks to everyone.”
David, January 2014

“The speech went very well on Saturday, so thanks very much for all your help! Plenty of laughs from the audience and the bride & groom were still talking to me afterwards – so success all round!”
Ed, December 2013

“The speech was great and went down really well. I got loads of positive comments. Many thanks for all your help.”
V, December 2013

“Speech went without a hitch and was very well received!  Thank you so much for saving the day.”
Justin, December 2013

“The speech is spot on now, thanks. Will definitely be using you again in the future.”
W, December 2013

Hi Lawrence!  Well, the party was last night and it was a wonderful evening.  My speech went  so well that I even surprised myself!  And it contributed in a large way to everyone’s enjoyment. The expert way you constructed it with the pauses etc., meant that my delivery was first-class.  The words seems to come out of my mouth with so much ease that I couldn’t believe how well I had done – and there were plenty of laughs in the right places, and one or two cheers in others.  Thank you so much again for all your help Lawrence.  I will certainly bear you in mind when the next big function comes along!”
D, December 2013

“A tough audience as expected, but it seemed to go ok!  Thanks for your inspiration!”
G, December 2013

“Just to let you know the Quiz Night raised a phenomenal amount.  Many thanks for the help you so kindly gave me re the fundraising speech which went down very well.”
S, December 2013

“Lawrence, the Dinner was one of the most successful events of recent years.  The intro went down very well.  My inbox has been swamped by congratulations.  Many thanks for your input.”
A, December 2013

“Hi Lawrence.  I love it. The core messages and the way you’ve balanced between the serious and light-hearted absolutely captures what I wanted to say and the way I rehearse it in my brain!”
T, December 2013

“Just wanted to send some brief feedback that your first draft is really great and I am super-happy.”
A, December 2013

“This is brilliant Lawrence, really brilliant.”
George, November 2013

“Dear Lawrence.  This is fab, huge thanks!”
Sonia, November 2013

“Hi Dolan.  Just wanted to thank you again. The speech went really well. I was nervous but got through it and got lots of laughs!”
Peter, November 2013

“Congrats are the order of the day! What a powerful and well-informed speech from a diplomat who is both master of his brief and who presented a series of highly complex issues in such a precise and succinct way! Until our next happy meeting!”
AG, November 2013

“Just a quick email to say that the speech went down brilliantly at the weekend. You drafted it beautifully – we really appreciate it. I was worried that he wouldn’t deliver it well but after a lot of practice, he really nailed it!  Many, many thanks.”
A, November 2013

“Lawrence – just a quick e-mail to say thank you so much – the speeches were extremely well received just as you said they would be and everybody laughed just when you said they would. I received loads of compliments – in fact some very good friends suggested that I took up speech writing!  If only they knew!!  You took away all the pain and made the process a pleasure and a delight. It was worth every penny and I wish I could do it all again this weekend.  Hope to meet you again sometime – I do have another daughter!!”
M, November 2013

“Hi Lawrence.  We’re absolutely delighted! I have to say we were majorly impressed with you – big time! We’ll be sure to send you lots of referrals!”
Claire, November 2013

“Apparently, my speech went down a storm, delivered it bang on the money! Well worth it in the end, thank you Lawrence.  Next wedding for daughter no.2 is December 2014, so we’ll speak again next year!  Thanks again.”
Des, November 2013

“Your ideas are truly mind-blowing. I read in shock at your sheer foresight and can’t wait to pass this on.”
Maria G, November 2013

“Thanks for everything!  I forgot to say – the idea of introducing testimonials into my business pitch was inspirational!”
M, November 2013

“The speech was fantastic and went down a storm – almost as well as my son’s! Please thank Dolan for all his efforts.”
Tim, October 2013

“Dear Lawrence, just thought I would let you know that I gave my daughter away yesterday at a most wonderful wedding. I did tweak my bride’s father’s speech several times, but built it around your original draft, and I was very pleased, amazed and quite relieved at all the congratulations I received  from everyone, particularly the bride and groom! I am not planning to make any more speeches right now but should the need arise I will be pleased to seek your guidance again.”
J, October 2013

“The speech went really well.  It was well-received. I even had an ex-Director say it was a speech of ‘Leadership’. Please tell Lawrence “Well done” and many thanks for all his hard work and efforts. I most certainly will call upon you guys if the opportunity arises for the need of a speech again!”
Jamie, October 2013

“It actually went quite brilliantly, as so many people said to me afterwards. This year I paced it nicely and took my time and I think that made a real difference.  So well done again!”
Dan, October 2013

“Dear Lawrence, first, a big ‘thank you’ yet again for going beyond the call of duty and for the quality of your writing and strategic thinking.  The speech has helped to break through barriers – it had a message and that had been absent in previous speeches. I am so excited about the future! With your help we are transforming a politician into a statesman.”
Anon, October 2013

“That’s excellent work. I’d like to thank you all for this.  Yours is a brilliant service, especially as it was a last minute request. It certainly made my day more enjoyable not stressing about the speech.”
Paul, September 2013

“Hi Lawrence, the speech was excellent, thanks very much. The wedding was last Saturday in London, the wedding went well and my (your!) speech was so successful. Thank you again for writing this speech for me!
Tom, September 2013

“Hi Lawrence, just a quick email to say that the speech was a great success and in the end I had some incredibly flattering remarks made to me. It was certainly worth all the hard work we put in and thank you so much for all your help.”
S, September 2013

“I was bored of people congratulating me and got a round of applause at the end – a first apparently!”
Tim, September 2013

“Brilliant Lawrence – I am thrilled!”
Mark, September 2013

“The day went really well along with the speech. Thanks very much for sorting at such short notice.”
L, September 2013

“Honestly, that speech brought the house down; they were banging on the tables, people were coming up to me and saying how wonderfully heart felt but at times very funny, so thank you all so very much.”
J, September 2013

“It went well and I think we pitched it appropriately, the delivery went well I didn’t suffer the jitters.  I’d also like to thank you for the haste in which you moved on this and my gratitude to Dolan for all his skilful wordsmithery.”
A, September 2013

“Just a quick note to say thanks for all your efforts. The speech went down a treat on the night! I have another one coming up in the spring so I may be in touch then!”
Graham, September 2013

“Big thank you for all your help.  Wedding went off without a hitch – my speech seemed to be well received, and I got a lot of compliments. It would have been nothing without your help putting it all together, and your advice on delivery.  Thank you very, very much.  Greatly appreciated.”
Tony, September 2013

“It went really well and I think we pitched it appropriately; the delivery went well I didn’t suffer the jitters.  I’d also like to thank you for the haste in which you moved on this and of course for all your skilful wordsmithery.
A, September 2013

“Just a quick note to say thanks for all your efforts. The speech went down a treat on the night!   I have another one coming up in the spring so I may be in touch then!”
Graham, September 2013

“Hi Lawrence, Big thank you for all your help. Wedding went off without a hitch.  My speech seemed to be well received, and I got a lot of compliments, so either people were very polite, or I managed to “nail it”!  It would have been nothing without your help putting it all together, and your advice on delivery.  Thank you very, very much.  Greatly appreciated.
Tony, August 2013

“My speech was a great success.  I will definitely use your help again in the future for speeches, etc.”
Sara, August 2013

“Lawrence, thanks again for your work. I’m grateful for your efforts at such short notice; I think you did a top job. I’d recommend you to others, but I wouldn’t want to give the game away!”
H, August 2013

“Love the final draft of my speech. It is just perfect now.  Thank you for all the hard work and effort you have put into it, and Lawrence thanks once again for sorting me out at such short notice and the fantastic service you offer.  It will be a pleasure to work with you again in the future.”
Alan, August 2013

“This is brilliant, thank you Lawrence, I will carry on reading it through so I know it verbatim by the day… That way I know that if I accidentally go off-piste I will have the confidence to bring myself back in line.”
S, August 2013

Good morning Lawrence, just wanted to send my sincere thanks to you for my fabulous speech at my daughter’s wedding. It went down a treat and I have received so many compliments, all thanks to you.  It has been a very emotional few weeks but I managed to deliver and felt enormously proud! I was also filled with confidence as I knew I had a truly genuine speech with good content and written so well, thank you. I really couldn’t have delivered without your help and I am eternally grateful that we have businesses like yours around.  It was definitely money well spent.”
Steve, August 2013

“Hi guys, just a short note to say thank-you for your help with my speech, it was delivered to perfection if i may say so myself! But without the way it was worded by you I’m sure that wouldn’t have been the case.”
Matt, July 2013

“Just a quick note to say wedding and speech were absolutely perfect – a few vodkas red bulls helped with the flow. Everybody commented on how good it was and I even got asked if I could do an after dinner speech at the Xmas party!
Thanks for all your help.”
Andrew, July 2013

“The whole thing – it flowed really well. Good balance between funny and sincere. Really happy I did the run-throughs to help focus on which words to emphasise.  Thanks again.”
Colin, July 2013

“Hi Lawrence, just thought I’d drop you a note to say that the speech was a great success.  Thank you!”
Ben, July 2013

“It is the big day tomorrow! Thank you for editing my rambling draft into a speech that I can now deliver with confidence.  As soon as I made the decision to take advantage of your service, and clicked the send button, I started to relax! For that alone it has been worth every penny.”
J, July 2013

“The speech went down really well and I had so many compliments on it, so thank you so much. I was really happy with it, so I’m really grateful for all the time and effort you put into it.”
Becca, July 2013

“The speech was fantastic!  Many thanks for all of your help.”
Cliff, June 2013

“Lawrence thanks very much. The wedding was yesterday and the speech went really well!”
Philip, June 2013

“Hi Gents.  It all went swimmingly well! Lots of laughter in the correct places, lots of people congratulating me afterwards and one Royal not offended and one groom only slightly offended.  All in all a job well done. Thanks for your efforts and speedy response.”
Benj, June 2013

We are all still on “cloud 9” following  the wedding this weekend.
Thank you for all your invaluable help and advice with my speech. I could not have been happier with both the content and delivery.”
Adrian,  May 2013

“Dear Lawrence I am sending you an email  thanking you for your help in preparing my speech  for my daughter’s wedding day.  It was a great success. thanks again.”
RP, May 2013

“Thank you so much for your help with the speech, it went down a storm! Your help and guidance were invaluable and truly made my worry free.”
Peter, May 2013

“Hi, Everything went very well thanks but glad it’s over. Thanks for your help guys. And if I ever have the misfortune to be best man again you will be the first to know.”
Mark, May 2013

“Hello Lawrence, Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou. The bride loved the speech she said it was brilliant and she laughed lots.  Some people came up and mentioned how great it was 🙂  3 speeches let’s wonder how many more to come 🙂
Nisha G, May 2013

“It’s perfect – again!”
AS, May 2013

“It was awesome!  Thanks so much!”
Rav L, May 2013

“What a tear-jerker !! Have a huge lump in my throat.  Thank you so much, it’s perfect. Feel quite emotional, what am I going to be like on the day? Many, many thanks and will be in touch very soon.”
Steve P, May 2013

“Many thanks Lawrence … the speech was brilliant, and received many compliments!  You’re an amazing writer.”
Michael B, May 2013

“Wow.  This is brilliant.  Thank you.  I can’t wait to deliver it now.”
Helen G, May 2013

“I just wanted to say thank you for all your help, you have definitely put my mind at rest and given me a best man speech I am looking forward to delivering. I will be highly recommending you to all my friends at home and work.”
Darren J, May 2013

“Hi Lawrence, I gave my birthday speech last night and everyone was raving about it.  ‘A fantastic speech’. Once again many thanks for all your help.”
LS, May 2013

“Just wanted to say thanks for all your help with the groom speech. It all went really well and had them laughing and crying – I was able to do it without actively referring to the notes which would not have been possible with my original script.”
Matt G, May 2013

“Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you both for your help with my speech. The wedding went well – people were particularly complimentary about the clarity of the speech so your ability to edit it into shorter, snappier language with obvious pauses really made a difference. It certainly received a good number of laughs as well so overall I was very pleased.”
Ian B, May 2013

“Hi Lawrence – I read it on the weekend and I think is great, flows so much better and it’s easy to read so it’ll help me relax, so thank you very much!”
Charlie M, May 2013

“Hi Lawrence,  Just a quick thank you for all your help with the speech. It seemed to go down very well. People laughed at the right places and were very complimentary afterwards.”
Chris G, May 2013

“An outstanding level of service and an equally outstanding speech.  Thoroughly impressed with everything you have done as my business speech writer.  Thank you!”
Gary N, May 2013

“I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for your help with my speech. It went really well, as did the whole day. I was slightly nervous beforehand but the line at the start got a great laugh and from then on in it was plain sailing! I’m glad I decided to get someone to help me out with writing it and you’re obviously very skilled and experienced with this sort of thing. A bad speech could have so easily overshadowed the whole day for me but now I can look back knowing that there isn’t one thing I would have done differently.”
Gareth B, April 2013

“The speech went down brilliantly.  Thank you so much.  I’m delighted with it all.  Using you was a fantastic investment and I know we will be working together again and again.”
Andrew J, April 2013

“Lawrence, I’m happy that we are there. Thanks very much for your efforts. The theme and structure were key and that’s what I  would have struggled with. I was determined to at least make a ” proper ” speech on the day and, with your help, I think I now can.  I’ll be happy to recommend you to any other poor soul I find in my position!”
Mike O, April 2013

“Your speech for the election night was perfect.  You wrote the words but somehow I felt that they were mine.  I am really impressed – not least because we won!”
RM, April 2013

“When it came to my turn to speak it was an amazing feeling and people were responsive and laughed in the right places.  The applause at the end did last for a while and the speech was well received. Thank you for your help.  There were plenty of positive comments afterwards. If the occasion arises again, I shall certainly use your services again!”
Stephen W, April 2013

“We had a wonderful and very impressive wedding yesterday and the father of the bride speech went down a treat – I received loads of compliments. I can’t thank you enough for your help and support in crafting it, much appreciated.”
Chris J, March 2013

“The speech is perfect! I can’t thank you enough for the efforts you and Dolan have made in the tight time scale.  I will highly recommend you and look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Mike D, March 2013

“It went great! Plenty people I’ve never met before said they enjoyed it. Once I got going I also enjoyed it.  I couldn’t have done it on my own. Thank you!”
Steve M, March 2013

“Lawrence, Thank you very much, absolutely fantastic! I am really pleased with the speech and actually really looking forward to speaking now, rather than dreading it!”
Lloyd C, March 2013

“What you have done so far is nothing less than inspired.”
Chris J, March 2013

“Thank you so much. You are just amazing.”
Anita M, March 2013

“Your advice certainly does make sense so I will adapt to suit allowing a perfect intro, middle and conclusion.  Thank you once again for your prompt response and your time and effort to assist.”
Michelle M, March 2013

“I’ve just read your draft and have finally stoppped worrying about my conference speech.  What you’ve done is genius – making dull topics interesting and weaving them together so smoothly.  Suddenly looking forward to it!”
Julian D, Feb 2013

“My speech went far better than I could have hoped for.  Thank you, again, for all your support – I certainly could not have done it without you!”
AS, Feb 2013

“Excellent. I’ve just had a quick read through and it’s got the right mix of thank you’s and story telling without dragging on. A good rhythm too and not too long! Thanks so much.”
Mark E, Feb 2013

“My groom speech went really well, got the laughs where I wanted them etc and everyone commented on how good it was (felt quite guilty really, what a fraud I am!!).  Thank you once again!”
Adrian P, Feb 2013

“My speech went down very well and I was being congratulated on the speech all afternoon, one chap even asked me if I was a stand-up comic!  If I have to do another speech or professional presentation I will definitely be in touch again.”
Ian W, Feb 2013

“I hope all is well with you. I am still raving about your support and how much it helped. I have spread the word to all and sundry.”
Nick G, Feb 2013

“My wedding speach was a success. I do not think I could have pulled it off without your help.  You provided the structure I needed and this gave me the confidence to deliver and convey my thoughts without feeling I had missed something out.  Being my wedding day I would never have forgiven myself if i messed it up….especially as it  was all recorded on video!”
Alex A, Jan 2013

“A little touch makes a big difference. You are clearly an expert.”
PP, Jan 2013

“Lawrence, the speech flowed effortlessly and went down a storm. Thanks again,”
Mark M, Jan 2013

“I’ve had a read, and wow!, its brilliant – some lines of complete genius! I shall read (and speak) your draft many more times in anticipation of our next meet.  Many thanks for a superb draft and look forward to speaking with you soon.”
Peter B, Jan 2013

“I have been meaning to write you a note for some time to tell you that the speech went down superbly and the content was exactly what I needed – a great mix of laughs and sincerity.  I will definitely use you guys again and recommend you to my friends/family/colleagues.”
Matt K, Jan 2013

“It is ideal – an easier format to practice and the style flows effortlessly.  Thank you.”
Mark M, Jan 2013

“Fantastic – you are brilliant and thank you very much!”
AJ, Jan 2013

“Your speech is brilliant.  I really appreciate all your hard work.  Thank you!”
Barry S, Jan 2013

“The speech is very good.  The first proper read had me welling up and even now when reading through I’m getting big lumps in my throat and tears in my eyes!  Very emotional in places but then with the right mix of light-hearted humour in between to lift things.”
Simon J, Jan 2013

“What can I say but it is FANTASTIC?!  Thanks so very much Lawrence – you are a man of your word and you work on trust, and you don’t find many people in the world like that anymore.”
AP, January 2013

“Thank you so much.  It is excellent.  I really could not be more grateful.”
Angela S, Dec 2012

“Brilliant. Our organisation has been trying to articulate our vision to our staff for six months and you nailed it half way through our first meeting.  You have an incredible ability to see through the corproate fog and to understand exactly what people want and need to hear.  We will be using you again and again and again.”
Jonathan H, Dec 2012

“Hi Lawrence, just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for all the help with my Best Man speech. It went really well, with plenty of laughs! I think I might have one more on the cards so I know where I’ll be heading!”
Michael A, Dec 2012

“Excellent as usual. I’m going to make a couple of reference changes but otherwise brilliant. Your help has been fantastic for the client who, yet again, left things to the last minute!”
John B, Dec 2012

“The speech went very well indeed.  A lot of the guests said it was one of the best, Best Man Speeches they have heard.  It made the effort well worth it.  Our parents were very proud of both of us, which made it even more special. Thank you very much for all your help, greatly appreciated and I would definitely recommend you to my friends.”
AG, Dec 20112

“A massive thanks for the best man’s speech you compiled for my Brothers wedding.  It was a massive hit & filled me with pride. Many thanks again.”
Mark H, Dec 2012

“Friday night went very well, I delivered the speech pretty much as per the final draft, got a few laughs and many of the 80 diners came up and congratulated afterwards – which is all I could ask for. Thank you again for your help and I look forward to contacting you again when I next need your assistance.”
Colin M, Dec 2012

“I just wanted to thank you again for your help and assistance. It went down an absolute treat and everybody loved it.  I will be sure to recommend you to anyone wanting assistance.”
Lee G, Nov 2012

“Hey Lawrence. I just read the speech. You are truly amazing; a godsend.  Thank you once again.”
Anita M, Nov 2012

“I can honestly say I LOVE public speaking nowadays and my friend getting married said that I was the only choice for doing the speech as she knows how awesome it will be.  And its all down to you :)”
Nisha G, Nov 2012

“Lawrence, Thanks very much for helping me out at the eleventh hour. The speech went down fantastically. So many people complimented me on it. I felt compelled to keep my little secret to myself! Thanks very much and I will definitely be recommending you”
Nathan R, Nov 2012

“I really like it, I think you have really captured our CEO’s heart.  I can see we are going to benefit a lot from this working relationship, it has already been so fruitful and I am truly relieved to have found you.”
Tracie L, Nov 2012

“Thank you ever so much for working on my speech.  It’s brilliant!  Everything rings true”
NR, November 2012

“I think that the speech is just perfect. Either you two are very good, or you share my political beliefs …or maybe both? I don’t feel the need of changing anything from the speech, so I will start practising. Thanks you!”
RM, Nov 2012

“Thank you so much.  I have no iea how you pull it together like that but it is fantastic.”
Kev B, Nov 2012

“My wife and I think that your first draft is pretty much perfect.  Thank you very much.”
Gary C, Nov 2012

“We are all so pleased that you were able to do this so quickly, you have managed to capture a lot of our thoughts and put them down into something far more interesting that we could ever have done ourselves.  We look forward to working with you on all our communications moving forward.”
Tracie L, Nov 2012

.”Fantastico – this is absolutely brilliant, well done Lawrence.  Perfect chunks of witty punchy anecdotes, and plenty of sincere praise too.”
Will H, Oct 2012

“Hi Lawrence, My sincere thanks to you and your team for writing the great golf speech for me.  The speech went down extremely well at the Dinner on Saturday night.”
David W, Oct 2012

“You are a genius!  There – I said it!”
Simon M, Oct 2012

“A big thank you. Having read it through several times  it now has a wow factor which was missing from my effort.”
Mike B, Oct 2012

Spot on!  I will use every word at the conference.  Thank you!”
Peter H, Oct 2012

“The speech was excellent and everyone was raving about it and about my delivery of it ;)”
FH, Oct 2012

Lovely feel to it, I knew you’d nail it! Many Thanks Lawrence.”
Jonathan T, Oct 2012

Well done guys as the speech went down really well in front of an audience of 450 people. Honestly it was superb.  All I had to do was deliver it however it has  done an awful lot for my self confidence and belief as a speaker as I had never before delivered  to such a large audience. I really appreciate your efforts.”
Daniel C, Oct 2012

“You had me laughing and crying at the same time.  I have no idea how you do it  – particularly being based thousands of miles away.  Yours is an incredible service and I will be telling everyone I know about it.”
Alan M, Oct 2012

” I received many positive comments at the end of the session. Thank you very much, and I look forward to working with you again soon.  I am delighted now that you know a whole lot more about my business and can write about it so much better than me!”
AD, Oct 2012

 “Many thanks – I would never have been able to write a speech like it on my own.  It’s been worth every penny and I will take on board all your tips about delivery.  Many, many thanks.”
Mick S, Oct 2012

“Lawrence – everyone loved it!! It went very well especially the delivery of it!  Thank you so much…”
FH, Oct 2012

“Lawrence, You are a genius!! Excellent speech thanks so much.You have transformed it in a way that suddenly makes me feel completely confident.  Everything on your wensite is true – I just don’t know what I’d have done without you.”
Ewan T, Oct 2012

“This is absolutely amazing, you are a godsend! – my instinct told me you would do something that works for me perfectly and you have.”
Elizabeth W, Oct 2012

“Hi Lawrence – I don’t want to change a thing – I’ve re read  it over and over aloud and to be quite honest I think it’s perfect.  Thank you so much.”
Teresa L, Oct 2012

 “I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that our speech went down fantastically well at the wedding. Not that I like to ‘blow my own’ but our speech got the largest laughs and the groom appreciated how personal and genuine it was.  After the speeches a number of guests took me aside to say that they thought the speech was perfect and had I ever considered a career as a public speaker!!  Many many thanks for all your help and for writing such a great speech for me. I would happily recommend your services to anyone who needs a great wedding speech.”
Gareth S, Sept 2012

“Many, many thanks for your help.  You are fantastic at what you do.”
Victoria R, Sept 2012

“Just have a couple of hours before we fly off on our honeymoon, but wanted to thank-you very much for the big help with my speeches, both of which went very well.  If I ever need help I will have no hesitation in calling you.”
Michael G, Sept 2012

Hi Chaps, just wanted to let you know that the speech was an absolute smash and it couldn’t have gone better. 99% of the room made the effort to tell me that afterwards so thanks for your help in making that happen.”
Paul P, Sept 2012

“Would always recommend you, even thou i would find it hard to divulge my secret to the two greatest speeches I’ve ever made!”
Scott E, Sept 2012

“Having had the experience of working with a true professional, like you, I would simply say for the difference you made to that day, that speech, and my life, I can never repay you.  I wish you every success.”
Brian F, Sept 2012

“Lawrence, The speech you were so instrumental in writing was very well received – many relatives commented it struck just the right balance – so mant thanks again.”
Steve W, Sept 2012

“Speech was incredible – thank you so much for all your help. I actually enjoyed it too!”
Gary H, Sept 2012

“This is great – we have a winner!  Thank you.”
Chris De S,