How Meghan can help Harry conquer his wedding night nerves

The temperature plummets but hearts are warming from Canvey Island to Canada!  Meghan and Harry will be hard to escape for the next few months.  Which puts even more pressure on the Prince to do something he hates.  Here is our Press Release on the most high profile groom speech of 2018.  William, Charles, Mr Thomas Markle relax – we’ll have some help for you too once the wedding party has been announced:

Prince Harry’s greatest fear

Three years ago today, Prince Harry bravely admitted his biggest fear: public speaking.

That doesn’t set him apart – 75% of the population are estimated to feel the same way. But it’s particularly difficult for a man who just can’t avoid standing-up and giving speeches.

And now there’s the big one. His groom speech.  A huge shadow threatening to ruin the biggest day of his life.

Fortunately, he is marrying the right person. Someone with many years experience delivering well-written lines with aplomb.  Someone who, we hope, will be able to help him through the three key confidence-building stages:  Preparation, Writing and Delivery.

Lawrence Bernstein, founder and Senior Writer of Great Speech Writing explains:

“We receive hundreds of calls every year from bridegrooms around the world worried about their wedding speech. So often their ‘fear’ reflects a lack of confidence in their content.  The moment they have practical steps to prepare, write and rehearse a speech, fear can quickly morph into excitement.”

Lawrence continues:

“In Meghan Markle, Prince Harry is marrying a top public speaker. She will, I’m sure help him conquer those nerves, but if he’d rather surprise her on the day, we’ve published the twelve tips we give most regularly to clients speaking at events from weddings and parties to conferences and fundraisers.  We hope they will help Prince Harry in his hour of need.

 “The tips are incredibly straightforward and cover the preparation, writing and delivery but together they can create genuine impact. Picture the worst speech you can remember, and I guarantee it has fallen short of at least three of the twelve!”

 “With these tips to hand, Prince Harry can look forward to 2018 with nothing but excitement. And, for the record, we hope Meghan will break yet another taboo, and give her own bride’s speech!”

12 Tips for Christmas video:

Notes for Editors

Lawrence Bernstein is available for articles and interviews on writing and delivering speeches.

For more information, call +44 (0)207 118 1600 or email

Great Speech Writing helps clients improve the quality and impact of their speeches. Its clients include business people, politicians and social speakers. Meghan and Harry please note that every client’s information is treated with absolute discretion.

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