Award ceremonies

Award Ceremony Speech

“The ceremony and speech went really really well, and I loved what you wrote. Many thanks again for sorting for me. You’ve been really great. I hope I’ll get another chance to use you!” – Naomi M.

Of all the speeches in all the world, the most fun has been poked at people receiving awards. Tears are shed, screeches abound, and sycophancy gushes like a live volcano.

There is nothing wrong with winning an award. It’s truly satisfying, and usually well merited. But ‘humbling’, ‘seismic’ and ‘life-defining’ it really needn’t be! And even if it is, there’s no need to say so.

To start where our true interests sit – please let us write it for you! We love it, we’re great at it, and we’ve made dozens of clients receiving prizes at award ceremonies sound great. We can interview you, write a draft from scratch, or just cast an eye over something you have written already. If you’d like to know more please call us right now!

If you’d rather write it yourself, good luck! And please remember these very simple tips:

  1. Unless it’s a Nobel prize, its unlikely your victory really will change the world. Your audience will love some perspective.
  2. They also love self-deprecation. This is a time when you don’t need to take yourself too seriously – your award has done that for you. It’s one reason why David Beckham is so popular – he has been humble (but not too humble) when the awards have been handed out.
  3. Do say thank you. But not again and again and again. Think about your audience – they don’t need a thank you list that sounds like a class register.
  4. Try to speak outside your bubble. If its an industry gong, think bigger. This links to the ‘perspective’ point. An illusion to other things going on in the world (fun or serious) will set you apart.
  5. Keep it brief.
  6. Practice it again and again.
  7. Be your own harshest critic. If you’d sneer at someone else saying it, delete it.

Very best of luck. And don’t forget that when it comes to speeches at award ceremonies, we’ve seen ‘em, written ‘em and have a fair few credits of our own!

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