Engagement Speech

Engagement Party Speech

“The Engagement speech was a huge success. I was a bit nervous at the beginning but soon got into my stride and got loads of laughs! Lots of people complemented me on a great speech. But more importantly my fiancée thought it was a great speech too! Thanks again for crafting such a brilliant speech, it gave me so much confidence knowing that the content and the style of the speech was first class!” – Andrew V

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Congratulations! You’ve proposed, she (or he) has accepted and you’ve got a wedding to plan.

But hang on a minute. You’ve decided to throw an engagement party first. And it seems sensible to give an engagement speech.

Which creates a whole myriad of dilemmas:

  1. What should you say?
  2. What shouldn’t you say?
  3. How do you avoid using all your best material that could work in your groom speech?
  4. How long should you speak for?
  5. Should you memorise something or read from a script?

The good news is that you have an empty canvas to work on. Many couples don’t have engagement parties. Many engagement parties don’t have speeches. And so you don’t have to say anything.

But assuming you do (and we’re all in favour!) then there are some key things to remember.

For a start, make it relevant. This is meant for the people in the room, and shouldn’t be too self-indulgent.

Then keep it brief. This isn’t a lecture series, or an Oscar speech. We suggest you avoid long stories and stick to the key points that are:

  1. Thanking people for coming and their love / generosity / warmth.
  2. Mentioning anyone who has made this possible.
  3. Explain how happy it has made you.
  4. And illustrate why – your wonderful husband / wife. Try not to make this too slushy. There are still ceremonies and wedding parties to come. Just spread some fun and a little love.
  5. Raise a toast. It could be to your beloved or, more relevantly, to the friends and family in the room who have made it all possible.

So that’s an engagement speech. Short, punchy, warm and cosy. Save some great stuff for the wedding day.

We’re here to help – to review your draft and offer comments, or to help you write from scratch. To get things started, please get in touch and we’ll send you some questions to help you prepare all the necessary background info.

And the good news is that if we write your engagement speech, we can offer a significant discount off your wedding speech on the basis that we have done all the research in advance!

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“What a great day. Everything went smoothly and we had a lot of fun. I received a lot of compliments on the speech and I think the delivery went down well too, so thank you for all your valued input.” –  Edmond G