Father of the Bride – Helpful Video

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Watch this helpful video so you can deliver the perfect Father of the Bride speech.

Transcript of the Father of the Bride video

So you’re preparing your Father of the Bride speech and we are here to help! Whether you’ve already got a draft in place that you’d like us to have a look at and send you back some comments (complimentary until we start working on it). Or you might prefer we hold your hand throughout the process and meet you where geography allows, chat to you to gather your information and then write a speech that really sounds like you at the top of your game. Either way, it doesn’t matter where you’re based, it doesn’t matter what your deadline is, we would love to help and avoid some of the real tricky Father of the Bride issues.

For example – like not reeling off your daughter’s CV, not getting over emotional and finding the right way to introduce your new son-in-law and his family without stepping on the toes of the best man. These are all things that we do day-in day-out throughout the year. But we’d really love to help you, so please just give us a call. There are seven of us here and we can help you whatever the time of day, whatever the time of year. Thank you

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