Golf Speeches

This year my speech went quite brilliantly – as so many people said to me afterwards! With your guidance I paced it nicely and took my time, and I think that made a real difference. Really excellent.” – Graham P.

Whether you are the Captain, ex-Captain or the lucky so-and-so who has been asked to speak at a golfing event, you’ll know the score.  You need to be witty, thoughtful and relevant for starters, with the possibility of a little inspiration and sentimentality thrown in for good measure!  Some golf club speeches are littered with jokes cut and pasted from the internet, eternal lists of thank yous, and a long story or two to make up the time.  That’s not what we’d recommend.

We believe that like any good speech, something for a golf dinner should be well paced, seamless, linked by a central theme where possible, and as original as possible.

You may already have made a start on yours; if so, we’d be delighted to take a look and give you some complimentary feedback.  If you’ve eagled it, we promise not to steal your material!  If you’ve taken a bogey or three, we’ll recommend how best to get back under par, and quote you a price for doing it for you.

And if you are a serial speaker (some Captains will, of course, speak several times a year) then we’re happy to arrange a reduced rate for future golf speeches.

Please call us on 0207 118 1600, contact us by Skype or email, or, if it’s more convenient, fill-in the contact form on the right hand side of this page and we’ll get straight back to you.