Graduation Speech

Graduation Speech

“I am really pleased with the speech. It’s exactly how I imagined it. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me create this in such a short space of time.” – Deepkiran L.

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Whether you are leaving school, college or university, there is a chance to go out with a bang. Giving a brilliant graduation speech will, at the very least, give your contemporaries something they will remember for ever. More relevantly for you, it will create a fabulous experience upon which you can draw when you are asked to speak at events later in life.

If you are already wondering what on earth to say (and how on earth to start), we can help write it for you. Just give us a call (or fill in the form to the right of the page) and we’ll explain how. We have done it for both keynote speakers and a number of successful students around the world (including the United States, the Middle East, West Africa and the UK), and the results are always inspiring.

Should you wish to go it alone, please remember NOT to:

  1. Wallow too much in nostalgia
  2. Focus too much on yourself
  3. Talk too much about your friends and activities at the expense of everyone else listening

What makes a great graduation speech is relevance. That means thinking about your entire audience – students, teachers and parents, and saying something that will appeal to them all.
It means balancing fun with nostalgia, inspiration with self-deprecation, and wit with wisdom.

Confused? Too busy to care? Relax! We’ll write it for you! Please call us on 0207 118 1600, contact us by Skype or email, or, if it’s more convenient, fill-in the contact form on the right hand side of this page and we’ll get straight back to you.