Video of some Testimonials from Clients

Watch this video showing four of our happy clients and their testimonials.

Transcript of the video

Alex Attinger

My friends were concerned, my wife said ‘If you work with a speech writer is it going to be you, is it natural, contrived almost?’ But no, it’s absolutely so natural and they went absolutely fantastically. Lawrence gave me the confidence to stand up and actually deliver a great piece of work and everybody afterwards was amazed. I didn’t want to actually admit that I used a speech writer. It was incredible.

Anita Mehra

The more time this company can give me the more confident I feel and I don’t think I’ll be doing any speech without his help.

Martin Bugaj

Absolutely do not hesitate to give these guys a call, book yourself for a session, come here and I can guarantee they will help you with whatever you come here with.

David J

Great Speech Writing has helped me deliver excellent speeches to a very diverse group of people, young, old, very diverse backgrounds. But not only just convey a speech people have enjoyed, but convey those key messages that people have gone away with and said ‘that was a good speech but actually I remember something of it’.

To read some of the testimonials our clients have written about us please click here.  We have all testimonials in writing but respect our clients confidentiality and have changed the names to initials.