The Best Man Speech Writing Guide

I just had to say thank you so much for the amazing best man speech guide. Our best man Rob is really nervous about doing the speech especially as there will be 130 people there during the day! I gave him your guide and he was so relieved to have some instruction on speeches and a bit of a guide on what to say and what not to say. I thought it was brilliant and my h2b is now jealous and wants one for the groom! Thanks again.
SC, June 2011

Welcome to Great Speech Writing!  Our ‘best man speech writing guide’ is now over five years old.  It takes you through the entire process of thinking about, preparing for, writing, editing, practicing and delivering a speech in 34 pages.  It used to look like this:mini-cover-and-pageAnd it was endorsed by ‘You and Your Wedding’ magazine as the ultimate speech writing guide for best men. Written by Great Speech Writing’s owner, manager and leading speech writer, Lawrence Bernstein, it will guide you through the entire process, from gathering ideas to delivering the finished product to your audience, ensuring your best man’s speech is memorable for all the right reasons – and saving you from sleepless nights along the way.

Fortunately (for us!) we have sold every copy printed and so it is now available as an e-book at a discounted rate. It now looks like this:

Write and deliver ultimate best man speech - a speech writing guide
Write and deliver ultimate best man speech

Before you click through, please be aware that we can offer a short-cut by writing your best man speech for you! That’s what we do here all year long – and there are hundreds of best men whose reputations have been enhanced along the way!

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