Send us speeches that are complete PANTS. In a great cause.

pantsLet’s talk about pants. No, not in that sense. Most of us take them for granted. Choosing to go without underwear in the UK tends not to be a financial necessity, and more of a lifestyle choice!

But across swathes of Africa, many women and children do not own a pair of pants.  This isn’t just unhygienic and dispiriting – it can create serious safety problems.

Our friends at Smalls for All are doing their bit to rectify this huge problem.  There is no ‘fundraising’ in the traditional sense.  Just pants.  They collect and send underwear to the women and children who need them most, particularly in orphanages and hospitals.

For the rest of 2015, we will be helping them do just that.  And we need your help.

Here’s the simple premise. We pride ourselves on helping our clients write and deliver really great speeches.  But we are asking you for the opposite.

Have you seen or heard a speech that is completely and utterly PANTS?!  If so, please tweet us a link to a video, audio or script.  In return, we promise to:

  1. Donate a pair of brand new pants for every new link you send us to a pants speech (we’ll re-tweet it too!)
  2. Donate two pairs for every new speech we are commissioned to write for the rest of the year (for any social or professional event) – you just need to quote ‘PANTS’ when you contact us
  3. Donate five pairs of pants for every training day you book before the year is out.  Again, just quote ‘PANTS’
  4. Donate ten pairs of pants every time great Speech Writing and Smalls for All are mentioned in the same newspaper or magazine article

We will retweet EVERY link you send us AND …

… pause for effect …

… will crown the MOST PANTS speech we receive by including it (and a link to Smalls for All) in ALL our training courses in 2016!

Remember that the best speeches are defined by:

  • CONTENT that is relevant, clear, original, seamless and memorable for all the right reasons.
  • DELIVERY that is well-paced, using emphasis, confident body language and lots of eye contact.

Which means that the most PANTS speeches will be the complete and utter opposite!

We look forward to helping Smalls for All in their fantastic work – and we look forward to hearing some truly pants speeches!


Smalls for All is a registered charity (SC 041689). For more details visit