Social Speeches: Help and advice

Lawrence Director

Your speech is looming, and something is bugging you. You might be short of time, shorn of hope, or just concerned that your speech isn’t panning out the way you’d like.

If so, you’re not alone. Our clients speaking at events such as weddings and dinners tend to approach us from one of these angles:

  1. I’ve a few ideas but I’d really like a speech writer to help write the speech for me.
  2. I really haven’t got a clue. Could you take me through it all step-by-step?
  3. I’ve written a speech. Could you edit it for me?
  4. I’ve written a speech. Could you train me to give it?

The majority sit in group ’1′. They want a bespoke speech full of original content, in a style they are comfortable delivering, and with absolutely no recycled jokes or stories from the internet or speech books.  They want it to sound like them, but in a way they can’t put on paper, something we’re able to do as part of our ‘Brief, Write and Edit’ service.

From our perspective, it doesn’t matter who or what your subject is because you will know much more about them than us. Where we hope to help you is by drawing out relevant information and helping you decide what will and won’t work in a speech, how to pull it together, and, more often than not, how to weave in some humour.

We write speeches in a way that makes them very simple to deliver. So instead of writing long sentences like this one, a good speech will be set out more like this:

With short sentences …
… linked by dots …
… so you can pause in the right places …
… and emphasise the key words …
… ensuring that you can look up between sound-bites …
… and engage with your audience.

Great social speeches tends to be easy to follow, and doesn’t have any awkward pauses, long stories, or punch lines that could fall flat. It should be original, relevant, link seamlessly and weave in the appropriate levels of sincerity and lighter content for your audience. Most importantly, it needs to sound like you could have (just about) written it yourself!

We would, of course, be more than delighted to do it for you.  Please contact us at any time to discuss the best way forward.  These links show how we could help write your best man speech, groom speech, father of the bride speech, anniversary or birthday speech, sports speech, after dinner speech or eulogy. Typical prices are set out here.