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I am in the process of writing a series of booklets about the speech writing process.  Each will contain a question and answer section with real answers given to real questions asked by real people.

Ask a question

Ask a Question

If you have a speech-related question that is bothering you, please ask me. I’ll reply as quickly as I can, and with your permission, it may be published (and please don’t worry, your surname won’t be!).

And so whether your question is about planning, writing or delivering your speech, please feel free to drop me an email or add a response below this blog.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope I will be able to help.

Thanks, Lawrence

4 thoughts on “Ask the speech writer”

  1. Hi Speech writer,I was given an assignment in school on everything i know about a speech.So i would be very glad if you could help me thanks.

  2. Hi Lawrence,My father-of-the-bride speech,unwritten as yet,is due to be delivered next week,2nd October.I am pleased to have come across your site and thank you for a lot of tips you’ve already given me!

    I have an ‘etiquette’ question for you.Apart from the groom,the best man and myself,my ex-wife’s husband is saying a few words.He,she,my partner and myself will all be seated at ‘top table’.Teresa and I rarely socialise with them,you could say we rub along together when occasions like this come along.No animosity though.

    Should I reference Angela and Mark(my ex and her husband)in any way,such as thanking him for his input in raising my daughter and the like?Could I refer to Angela when relating an amusing kiddie story?

    Or am I fretting too much?!

  3. Hi Helen, I have emailed you; I hope the address works – the one you left here didn’t look quite right! Please call me if you would like to progress this.
    Best wishes

  4. Do you do retirement speeches? I have as head of department to give a speech when my colleague of 30 years retires at the end of this month We are haematologists I hate nothing more than public speaking probably because I havent a witty bone in my body and am unattractively self conscious He I is a diehard who is a poor communicator and not as up to date as one might hope for if one were one of his patients He works long hours much to the distress of his long suffering wife herself a doctor and the daughter of a distinquished haematologist if you can see a way of making this interesting and kind please let me know Helen

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