Helping you in a great cause

We contemplated growing moustaches for ‘Movember’ – but we ‘Photoshoped’ Lawrence and the results were just too sinister.

So we decided to do something for Charity in a way no one else can:

£100 to Charity if we can’t improve your business pitch or presentation

Yes – it’s a no-brainer.  Send us a draft business speech, pitch or presentation that you’re preparing right now.  It could be for a conference, a pitch, a fundraiser, a think tank, a sports event or anything you choose (although please send it through in English!). If we can’t suggest ways to improve it, we’ll send you many congratulations and donate £100 to charity*.

If we believe we could add some value, we’ll send you some suggestions absolutely free of charge. The proposal will suggest ways you could improve your current draft and the price we’d charge to do it for you.  If you say ‘yes’ to us doing the work then we’ll donate 10% of our fee to charity*.

No speech in the pipeline?  Get you and your team trained-up to write and present with impact for a very good cause.

We offer four types of speech and presentation training.

  1. One-to-one sessions working on your presentation skills
  2. One day courses on business writing
  3. One day courses on presentation skills training
  4. Two day courses focused on writing and presenting your own content

For every training session booked-up before Christmas, we will also donate 10% of our fee to charity

Next Steps

If you’d like to find out more just give us a call on +44 (0)207 118 1600, fill in the form to your right, or email us.  If you’d like to get moving straight away, please send us your speech or presentation by email.

* The Charity

A disabled child on a horseOur chosen Charity this year is Riding for the Disabled, whose horses and ponies provide therapy, achievement and enjoyment to people with disabilities all over the UK.

If you would rather the work we do on your behalf goes to a different cause, please let us know and we’ll facilitate it for you.

Spread the Word!

Please do spread the word (Twitter: #NovCharitySpeech) and help us raise as much as possible while helping improve the quality of speeches and presentations in every walk of life. It is certainly a less ghoulish way of raising money than watching Lawrence, Dolan and Hugo develop the sort of facial hair best left in the wrong sort of 1970’s cinema.