Present with Impact: Latest feedback

We had a very successful Present with Impact course on Thursday. It was, as ever, good fun, and hugely impactful for those attending.

Every delegate filled in feedback forms at the end of the day and we had 100% positive feedback on three key areas:

  • The quality of the trainer
  • The course content
  • The overall assessment of the day

microphone present with impact

More specific feedback below:

“Overall an excellent course and I’ll recommend it to colleagues and friends. Feels like I’ve tripled my presentation abilities in a day.”
Gavin Shields, COO, Turbulenz.

“10x better than the last (or any other) presentation giving course I’ve attend – thank you very much.”
Henry Grant, Chartered Surveyor, Earl Kendrick

“Great day – really helpful. I finally managed the ‘power of the pause’!”
Clair McCarthy, CEO, McCarthy Management

Future Courses (Present With Impact):

Our next course will be held in the autumn. Date to be confirmed shortly. Please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to reserve a space.

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