Not just the speeches: who does what at a wedding?

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Thinking about proposing; recently proposed; or just worried about what planning a wedding actually involves?  Big or small, at home or in a venue, it’s going to take a lot of organising. When it comes to the wedding speeches we take the strain.  But there’s also a guest list to compile, a venue to book and countless people to arrange.  And in most cases, it’s something we only do once!  So here is the Great Speech Writing contribution: a wedding planning checklist in infographic form, ready for you to print-off, pin on the fridge and help you focus on who does what and when.  It’s not going to be easy, but at least you won’t have to worry about the speeches.

Click the below infographic to see our wedding planning checklist full-size, or if you’d like to share it then you can find the embed code at the bottom of the page.

Wedding Planning Checklist

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