World’s 5 Greatest Viral Wedding Speeches

What makes a wedding speech extra special? Typically all successful wedding speeches will have certain key features in common: structure, theme, and balance. (You can read more about that in our ultimate guide to your wedding speech). They will also be relevant to the audience of beloved family and friends.

With that being said, these viral wedding speeches didn’t just impress the guests. They wowed the world.

Here’s our run-down of the five greatest ever viral wedding speeches.

1. Naomi and Sarah’s Maid of Honour Disney Medley

The best speeches usually have a theme. Choosing a central theme will allow you to create a speech which flows seamlessly from section-to-section. These sisters went above and beyond to adapt a medley of Disney songs to relate to the bride and groom’s life.

2. Aaron’s “Best Brother” Wedding Speech

Aaron’s “best brother” wedding speech is the perfect balance of self-deprecation and charm, enough to disarm the audience and pull in lots of laughs.

3. Maid of Honour Musical Mashup

With over four million views, this maid of honour’s musical ensemble definitely proves that the wedding speeches are the part of your special day that everyone will remember (our own research shows that 95% of wedding guests say the speeches are the main talking point).

4. Best Man’s Viral Pre-recorded Speech

We’ve suggested using video in your wedding speech before and this viral video is an example of how brilliantly original it can be. The audience is in hysterics and the best man saved himself from the nervous ordeal of having to perform a speech live.

5. Tom Fletcher’s Groom Speech

The list wouldn’t be complete without including the groom speech of a certain Tom Fletcher, lead singer of Mcfly, who reworked the lyrics from one of his own hits to serenade his new bride. The video of Tom’s speech amassed over 19 million views on YouTube.

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