Why your wedding speech is the thing that everyone remembers

There’s nothing better than some good post-wedding analysis.

But what is the juiciest, most anticipated and most memorable part of a wedding? What is the subject most likely to dominate that car journey home?

Well, at Great Speech Writing, we decided to find out.

We anonymously surveyed 380 wedding guests. What, we asked them, was the number one thing that really got them talking after a wedding? Was it the rack of lamb and chocolate torte? The vintage Champagne? Was it the yards of white taffeta worn by the bride. Or the beautiful stately home on the banks of the river?

Hmmm, said our interviewees, these are all important, of course. But they’re not the main thing. They don’t tend to make – or break ­– a wedding.

So what does, we asked. And the answer came loud and clear.

post wedding survey

More than half of wedding guests said that the speeches are the most memorable part of the day. And 95% said that the speeches are the main talking point after a wedding.

Which is fine – if the speech is a good one.

But more than 50% of guests admitted they’d seen a bad speech nearly ruin a wedding day. Compare this to 33% who felt it was the substandard Sauvignon Blanc that spoilt the sense of occasion. Or a paltry 1% who found themselves crying into their dodgy stationery.

And all this got us thinking. If the speeches continue to have such a big – and lasting – impact on the wedding day, why do couples continue to spend such a small about of time (and money) planning their speech? Why do they seem to care so little about such a big thing?

According to Brides magazine, the average wedding spend is £18,500. To break it down, a venue typically costs around £4,000, food and drinks come in at around £1,700, photography £905, video £700, dress £1,590. Most couples even pay up to £110 on insurance. But when it comes to speeches, they don’t spend a penny.

We might be a bit biased at Great Speech Writing, but we think these priorities need adjusting. After all, what’s the point in paying someone to film your wedding if the best man spends 10 minutes insulting the bride? Or the groom stands up and produces a long list of thank-yous – but forgets to mention his new in-laws? It’s hardly the sort of thing you’ll want to remind yourself of in months to come. Let alone show to your grandchildren.

Even the simplest of speeches takes a bit of pen chewing – and a lot of practice. But 20% of the people we interviewed admitted leaving the writing of their speech to the last minute.

And that’s where we come in. Great speeches start with the audience in mind. They don’t have to be lengthy. In fact the best ones are brief. But they should always be relevant, clear and fun. And the great ones sprinkle a little magic over the whole day.

Think about it. Do you really want to spend more time choosing your wedding cutlery than preparing your speech? And is it worth paying an expensive wedding video company when the most memorable part of your day is really not worth remembering?

We’ll help you write and deliver a speech that will be talked about long after the big day – for all the right reasons.

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